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RED FANG Announce North American Tour Dates

Portland Oregon’s RED FANG are in the midst of wrapping up their European tour with a show tonight in Moscow, Russia and their final gig tomorrow in St. Petersburg, Russia. Before they had back state-side the band is pleased to announce that they have just confirmed a new batch of North American tour dates. Included in this run are headlining shows as well as shows serving as direct support to The Sword. All tour dates can be found below.

RED FANG will be headlining “A Benefit For Grant High Art Department” scheduled to take place Friday May 25th at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR. Support will come from Lopez, Nether Regions and Grant High’s own Hell’s Parrish. Doors for the show at are 7:00 pm with the first band hitting the stage at 7:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased for the show HERE. (more…)

RED FANG Announce Benefit Show For Grant High Art Department

Over 20 years ago, while a student at Fort Collins High School, Aaron Beam of RED FANG helped stand up for music programs put at risk due to lack of funding. Today, Portland schools are struggling to fully fund art, photography, ceramics and other arts classes. RED FANG is honored to headline this benefit to give Portland students greater access to the arts, and have basic materials like paint, paper, and clay. (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – Lord Dying – Demo

Lord Dying come from Portland, Oregon, a place over abundant with purveyors of the heavy riff. A region where the inhabitants are plagued with nerve and joint damage due to lack of sunlight. In a time where everyone is trying to out-sludge or out-doom each other Lord Dying gives something less than a fuck. They are a metal band with members of Black Elk , Portals, Le Force, and Cremains, who in their short, one years time as a band have shared the stage with Unsane, Red Fang, Yob, Valient Thorr, and others locally. They have also braved the west coast twice, the first time alone, only to meet up with crazy prog-shredmeisters Danava and heavy lust-lifers Lecherous Gaze for a few shows, followed a few months later by another co-headling tour with local heavy punishers Nether Regions. Shortly after Lord Dying teamed up with longtime bros Kelly and Erica G and solidified the first monumental release, Lord Dying “s/t”, in 7” form on his Powerblaster Records label. Lord Dying are here to pummel with heavy riffs and promote simpler things like Cold brew-Hot Shower.

This is some pretty heavy shit. It’ll knock you out, it’s better than the best weed.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Whitcomb – Crown Park

The Band. Whitcomb, though one of Portland, Maine’s newest voices, is comprised of veterans of the local music scene. Formed by Sean Libby and Andy Beavis on guitars, Ryan Fleming on bass, Mark Sayer on drums, and vocalist Brant Dadaleares, the band has created something intense and original, both heavy and melodic, with multiple layers of sound.

The Man. The band’s name, as well as Dadaleares’ lyrics, come from the 19th-century poet James Whitcomb Riley. While more famous for writing children’s poetry, personal tragedy caused Riley to descend into alcoholism and madness, and his poetry took a much darker bent. It is from here that Whitcomb pulls their inspiration—perfect for the epic songs the band writes, and testament to the power of art that century-old poetry can impact and influence a heavy rock band to create something of their own.

RED FANG Confirmed For Metallica’s Orion Music + More Festival

Portland, Oregon’s RED FANG have confirmed that they will be appearing at the inaugural “Orion Music + More Festival” curated by Metallica. The festival will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey at Bader Field on June 23rd and June 24th. RED FANG will be playing on Saturday January 23rd. More information on the festival can be found on the official “Orion Music + More Festival” Website, Facebook Page and Twitter. (more…)

Introducing… Murcielago

Doug from Gozu gets credit for pointing out this next band to me.

Murcielago has started recording. We have had a couple of days recording at Acadia Recording Co. in Portland. Stay tuned for some tunes.

Portland’s got itself a new rock supergroup: MURCIELAGO.
Named for a bull that wouldn’t die during a bullfight (it’s also spanish for “Bat”), they’re loud as hell and feature guitarists NEIL COLLINS (TWISTED ROOTS, LINCOLNVILLE, ELDEMUR KRIMM) and MATTHEW ROBBINS (KING MEMPHIS), plus bassist NICK LAMBERTO (LOST ON LIFTOFF, RULER OF THE RAGING MAIN), and drummer BRIAN CHALOUX (PIGBOAT). (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – Sons of Huns – Sons of Huns

Formed in the Winter of 2009, Sons of Huns have hit the Northwest music scene in a whirlwind of face melting shows. Opening for the likes of Red Fang, Danava, and Mike Watt and his Missingmen, the Sons are a force to be reckoned with. Their brand of breakneck rock has catapulted them in Portland, OR as one of the tightest acts this city has seen. Download the acclaimed self-titled release!

Introducing… Avi Dei

This is the story of The Warrior, The Wizard, and The Witch. It begins at the end of another story. A tragic defeat that The Warrior and The Wizard faced together. A quest ending in ruin, but not in death. The Warrior and The Wizard had narrowly escaped with their lives and with humbled souls they carried on. Always aware of their defeat but never dwelling on it.
As their lives went on The Wizard met The Witch and their paths were forever linked. Their powers grew in each other’s presence and so developed the need to expand. In this expansion new crafts were learned and old ones were honed. And with their new craft they had seen a Golden Age on the horizon and they soon realized it was they who would pave the way. Thus a new quest was developed. A quest for The Golden Age. It began as two but they quickly realized that they had read the omens wrong. It was to be three that would be their magick number; three would pave the way. A warrior was needed where they were going and The Wizard knew just where to find one. (more…)

Introducing… Bison Bison

“[WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM] When Lewis and Clark traversed the continent, American bison—known scientifically as Bison bison—were ubiquitous: The “senery already rich pleasing and beautiful,” Lewis journaled, “was still farther heightened by immence herds of Buffaloe…which we saw in every direction.” Today, wild bison are well-nigh extinct. Portland trio Bison Bison, meanwhile, represents a band species not so much extinct as vestigial, plying their red-blooded, straight-shootin’ jams (and unself-conscious instrumental showboatsmanship) in basements and dives while awaiting the return of the once and future rock ’n’ roll. Bison Bison does stray from the herd into metalish territory—and stands out: The group won the first round of East End’s Portland Metal Winter Olympics this month. ” (more…)

Introducing… Sons of Huns

Formed in the Winter of 2009, Sons of Huns have hit the Northwest music scene in a whirlwind of face melting shows. Opening for the likes of Red Fang, Danava, and Mike Watt and his Missingmen, the Sons are a force to be reckoned with. Their brand of breakneck rock has catapulted them in Portland, OR as one of the tightest acts this city has seen. Download the acclaimed self-titled release!

Holy shit! These guys from Portland, OR play fast and heavy mix of rock with plenty of 70’s sounding guitar riffs, classic rock, punk and even some garage rock for a good mix. They do have a bit of a retro sound which is kick ass too. (more…)

2nd Look – Fellwoods – Wulfram

This is a new feature that I think I’ll run when the time comes. This column will be serve as my own little “Epic Album of the Week” only not weekly like what Ian writes. The firstalbum that I want to write about is Portland, OR trio Fellwoods. The band was formerly known as The Moss and my review of the album is here.

Here’s an album that I listened to just now and thought that this is some bad ass stuff. The band is The Moss from Portland, OR. They’ve been together for a little over a year now and put out a 12 track “demo” titled Wulfram. The Moss seem to play a unique brand of psychedelic blues with a lot of Sabbath inspired doom, plenty of great sounding riffs and some 70′s progressive hard rock ala Hard Stuff, Fuzzy Duck or Atomic Rooster.

Those were statements I made in my review. That’s the basic. I discovered them when I received an email from singer Adam Burke. It was the typical “Hey we’re band X, check us out.”

I play in a band in Portland, OR called The Moss.  We’re influenced by heavy psych, hard rock and proto-metal from the late 60s/early 70s.  We’re been together for about a year and a half.  We recorded a 12 song demo last winter and are shopping it around a bit while we get ready (more…)

Introducing… Uzala

Formed in the summer of 2009 in the dripping guts of a sagebrush covered bombshelter.

The band is Uzala. They’re a doom metal band from Boise, ID. Their doom metal is down tuned, fuzzed out and psychedelic at the same time. Certainly something to put on while enjoying your favorite vice. Fans of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and Orchid will like these guys.

The Moss is now Fellwoods

Hi all,

The Moss from Portland, Oregon is changing its name.  We have run into too much crossover with other bands using the Moss name, most notably the sludge doom  Moss from UK.  It’s been an arduous process, but we have chosen Fellwoods as the new name.

We will phase out ‘The Moss’ slowly, with plenty of notice to all concerned parties.  Thanks everyone for your support, and we look forward to the future with a new moniker.  Look for news about CD and Vinyl releases of our Wulfram album, as well as a whole new batch of songs awaiting recording.


Fellwoods (formerly, The Moss)

Review – Axxicorn – War of the Giants

Christmas is almost here if you go by the calendar but in my eyes, it has arrived early in the for of War of the Giants by Axxicorn. Axxicorn is a stoner metal band from Portland Oregon. The band is heavily influenced by proto-metal and the Chicago math-rock scene. Mike McDonnell is on drums, Kerr Mahnke plays bass and sings and Jeremy Hansen is the guitar player. Axxicorn popped up on the radar recently and has had many go rounds through these speakers. All for one reason too. It kicks ass!

War of the Giants revolves around one central theme and that is of Greek Mythology. Each song is named after a Greek God with the exception of the 4th track which is titled “Revolt of the Titans/Wasteland.” The album is huge, it’s heavy and crushing. It’s probably the best mix of stoner and progressive metal that I’ve ever heard. The album is great sounding. It’s not impaired by any studio overdubs or other garbage. That album is about as natural sounding as an album can get and it sounds great. The guitar riffs are plenty. They’re crushing and technical. The vocals are slightly on the (more…)

Review – Lamprey – Ancient Secrets

Here’s one for the bass players who are tired of guitarists mucking up everything.

Lamprey is for the sub-phonophile in all of us: Over-distorted dual bass ripping through sludge and stoner riffs, delivered through obelisk cabinets powered by a bunch of Sunn and Orange amps, and backed up by cavernous doom drum rhythms. The Portland, Oregon trio contribute this year a debut EP of a handful low and slow dirges titled “Ancient Secrets”, adding to the ever-abundant sludge and doom movement rising through the Pacific Northwest.

I can only give praise to Lamprey’s compositional structure and songwriting, built on swelling movements of varying volumes and rhythms. There are no distinct verse or chorus segments on this album; one monstrous riff simply gives way to the next, occasionally accompanied by a booming vocal passage delivered in a monotone wail. The rhythm changes come at the appropriate times, sometimes switching from light and groovy to suddenly heavy and gloomy. The way everything flows together makes this recording go by like a full musical composition as opposed to collection of songs. (more…)

Review – Nether Regions – Into the Breach

Nether Regions is the newest unspeakable horror to come crawling out of the abyssal spawning den of doom acts that is Oregon, hitting the scene with a sinister fusion of sludge and doom with their debut 2011 release. “Into the Breach” can only be described in summary as a sonic Necronomicon of forbidden riffs and eerie soundscapes that send listeners through a dark trip pushing the breaking point of sanity. Some might call it the perfect soundtrack to a slow descent into madness.

“Into the Breach” could be classified as sludge metal that takes the best elements of Relapse Records from ten years ago and puts them all into one package. Mind you, when most people think “sludge metal”, they think of the hardcore and barely listenable sonic beast from the American South. But in the case of Nether Regions’ musical composition, there’s definitely a significant influence of the dirge-like and haunting melodies of West Coast sludge pioneered in the nineties by bands like Neurosis and further evolved by bands like High on Fire in the early two-thousands. The only (more…)