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Bandcamp Recommendations 12/01/2011

Well it’s December 1st. One more full month to go until 2012. It’s been a pretty productive year so far and next year looks to be even more so. The Bandcamp Recommendations has really grown and will continue to do so. That said, here is this weeks recommendations. All free of course but support the bands that you like in any way that you can.

To shed all the illusory rights & hesitations of history demands the economy of some legendary Stone Age–shamans not priests, bards not lords, hunters not police, gatherers of paleolithic laziness, gentle as blood, going naked for a sign or painted as birds, poised on the wave of explicit presence, the clockless nowever.With that said, I present to you, The Heavy Hills. Their album The Heavy Hills Roll is a tripped out psychedelic masterpiece. Their sound is vary similar to The Black Angels only a little less vocals.



Review – The Bliss – Gabbatha

The Bliss is a music trio from Piraeus, Greece. They formed in 2000. Their past influences stemmed from the early grunge scene of Seattle back in the 1990’s.Through the years, their inspiration started to become more complicated and influences derived from various sounds and patterns that you find in traditional Greek music and other kinds of progressive rock bands.

Gabbatha is a different type of beast. The album has a nice flow to it going from instrumental to vocal and back and forth. The influences of grunge are quite obvious with an Alice in Chains sound being VERY prominent. In a way it’s kind of haunting too because of how closely the vocals sound to the late Layne Staley. Gabbatha is good, perhaps to good for those looking to bring back memories of the grunge movement. The only complaint I have, (more…)

Review – The Hollow Men – Food Chain

This next album has been in my current rotation for a few weeks now and there is a good reason for it. It’s pretty damn good. The album is called Food Chain by a band called The Hollow Men. They are a three piece from the Netherlands.

Their sound is a mix of hard rock, classic rock with bits of some post grunge. The opening track, “Euphoria” is a fine example. It’s a bit heavy and fuzzy and melodic at the same time. It’s a good opening track. “Top of The Food Chain” is next and carries in the same vain. “Out in The Cold” is fast (more…)

Review – Trubador – Earth

To start off, I must be perfectly candid: I am not a fan of post-grunge rock. The vast majority of it is cookie cutter with little to no variance in tone, vocals, or song structure. It exists in every genre, including my beloved stoner rock and doom metal, but it doesn’t reach the same plague status of post-grunge. It’s what led me away from the sub-genre. With that said, you are still able to find the rare gem that breaks the mold dictated by the mainstream, and Trubador is one such band.

The self-released debut, Earth, raises the bar for the genre. While holding true to post-grunge and classic rock roots, this band ignores the standard requirements for a post-grunge album for a few hard rocking songs with no creativity scattered around equally generic “ballads” (for a lack of a better term) with whiny vocals and a heavy chorus. Songs rarely reach the 5 minute mark, most falling between 3 and 4 minutes long.

Instead, Trubador takes a melodic approach to the mid-90’s sound with Earth. With 10 songs lasting nearly 1 hour and 6 minutes, the songs average an impressive 6 minutes and 34 seconds with 2 songs lasting over 9 minutes long. As is the case often times with longer songs, there runs a risk of songs dragging on and becoming boring and repetitive. That is not an issue I have encountered with Earth, including “The Darkness” that runs the longest at 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

Every song on the album consistently delivers the goods, touching on some of the modern style but never falling victim to its pitfalls. Simply put, if you want a post-grunge album tinged with stoner rock that refuses to toe anybody’s line, this is highly recommended. While I won’t be turning on the radio any time soon to find new music, Trubador has convinced me that post-grunge may not be quite as desolate as I had previously believed.

Earth is out now and can be bought through many online retailers (ie. CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and through the band themselves. If you opt to buy the album directly from the band, not only will you save a little bit of money, your copy of the album will be autographed by the band.

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