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Daily Bandcamp Album – Gift Horse – Mountain of Youth

“Filled with heavy, exploding drum beats and a magical, ethereal blending of guitar, bass, and keys, Gift Horse has the ability to draw you in, capture your mind, and compel your imagination. Their songs carry menacing undertones and floating vocals that at once pick you up and mellow you out. Each melody offers a climax, backed by raging cymbals, which give way to atmospheric organ tones preparing you for the next climax and back around again.” – The Silver Tongue

I tell you thise is different and pretty fricking sweet. Think Weird Owl, meets Hopewell meets The Main Street Gospel. That’s kinda what Gift Horse’s sound is all about. Nice psychedelics and shoegaze wrapped up into one trippy ball.

Bandcamp Recommendations 4/5/2012

Grip of Delusion Radio has been the home for The Soda Shop Podcast since this past October. April 1st was the first birthday of the station and to celebrate, a free comp album was released. The album is massive. 100+ bands submitted tracks to be included. Well over 11 hours.


AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR To Release New Album “Third” on June 5, 2012

Cult French Quartet Signs to Tee Pee Records for Release of New LP   

     Tee Pee Records is proud to announce the signing of one of Europe’s most accomplished underground psych bands, AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR. The band will release its new album Third on June 5.  AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR‘s previous full length releases – “Under The Moon Of…” and “Aqua Nebula Oscillator” — have met to shining fan and critical acclaim and established the cult quartet as one of the most diverse, creative (and WILD) bands of the last decade!


Bandcamp Recommendations 3/29/2012

Here’s a band from Australia called Hydromedusa. They play hardcore sludgy, stoner rock. It’s very fast and aggressive. Lots of great riffs galore too.



Hi folks!

Order today and have it by release date, March 27th, 2012.


DEAN ALLEN FOYD is a Stockholm based psychedelic band with a wide range of music styles. Everything from garage, delta blues, folk and space-rock can be heard in their music. Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, Arthur Lee’s Love and Captain Beefheart can be easily picked as some of their influences but at the same time the band takes a step forward into making their sound modern and updated with the present times. The Sounds Can Be So Cruel is an album presenting nine ingeniously composed songs (more…)

WHIRR Unveils New Song “Home Is Where My Head Is” via Pitchfork

San Francisco Shoegazing Six Piece Shapes Sensational Sonic Soundscapes; Set to Release New LP “Pipe Dreams” on March 13!

Bay Area post-shoegaze sextet WHIRR will release its debut full length Pipe Dreams on March 13 via Tee Pee Records. Recorded in Palo Alto, CA at The Atomic Garden (Grayceon, Rocky Votolato) the ten song effort generates suspenseful songs of soothing, razor sharp guitar textures backed by soft, cooling vocals. Today, Pitchfork gives music fans a first-listen to the new WHIRR material, premiering the new song “Home Is Where My Head Is” while calling the band “lush, dreamy noise-pop”. Check out the Pitchfork premiere of WHIRR‘s “Home Is Where My Head Is” now at this location!


WHIRR “Pipe Dreams” (more…)

Introducing… The Love Me Nots

Well not really a new band, they’ve been together for a while now and have put out a few albums. Given the band’s name, and today being Valentine’s Day, I figured hell why not.

The Love Me Nots: Band On The Run
Departing from the simple parenthetical of sixties garage retro, The Love Me Nots, two girls and two boys from Arizona, have progressively evolved into a powerful, melodic, seductive rock outfit.

Incandescent garage-rock by the gang from Phoenix, Arizona, continues to win new fans with each new release. By Eric Tandy.