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Bandcamp Recommendations 3/22/2012

Released a few days ago is the new album by Ice Dragon. The album, Tome of the Future Ancients, is a doomy sludge fest. Grab this one. It’s epic.


Review – Rescue Rangers – Manitoba

Now here’s a nice surprise. The band is Rescue Rangers (featured HERE) from France. They have recently released a new album called Manitoba. IT is their 3rd release after an EP and another full length. Right away when I hear them, I think immediately of Belgium’s Naughty Mouse who has a similar sound. Manitoba has a mix of Queens of the Stone Age with a little Foo Fighters. Desert rock, some post rock and a little bit of some heavy psych round off an impressive album.The album isn’t just one song repeated either like other albums can be. It gets heavy and aggressive but has a softer side like “New Astronomy” and “Done Gone.” Manitoba also includes a cameo by Mondo Generator and Kyuss alumni, Nick Oliveri on the track “Creeper, The One Who Creeps.” (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – Riff Cannon – Mercury Mountain

“If a rock band chooses a name like Riff Cannon either has the balls to keep the promises or is planning to commit suicide at the first gig! In the case of the Bostonian Riff Cannon band, promises have a lot of chances to be fulfilled!

Riff Cannon is a young band that released its debut full-length album, Mercury Mountain, in summer 2009.
The band’s sources of inspiration listed in myspace are as varied as the sounds contained in the debut album: Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Leafhound, Captain Beyond, Atomic Rooster, Cave In, Bloodrock, Hawkwind, Sleep, Torche, Dead Meadow, Pink Floyd, Electric Wizard, Witchcraft, Thin Lizzy, Om, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, Earth, Deep Purple, Groundhogs, Cactus, YOB, Witch, Pentagram… The album is highly enjoyable and varied and tracks cover styles from bluesy fuzzy stoner to heavy doom to space rock. I must say I enjoyed the riff-rich juicy, dirty stoner-doom tracks more than the spacey ones, although the latter are nice as well. I mean, they say “riff” and I want “riff” …
Definitely a band to check out!”

Reviewed by Mari (SludgeSwamp)

nuff said

KYUSS LIVES! Performs On FUEL TV’s ‘The Daily Habit’; Video Available

via Blabbermouth

KYUSS LIVES!, the project featuring three-quarters of KYUSS — the influential American stoner rock/metal band, originally from Palm Desert, California — was the featured musical guests on last night’s (Wednesday, August 31) edition of Fuel TV‘s “The Daily Habit” program. The band — bassist Nick Oliveri, drummer Brant Bjork and singer John Garcia along with guitarist Bruno Fevery, who most recently played with Garcia in the GARCIA PLAYS KYUSS project — performed the classic KYUSS songs “Hurricane” (the lead track from 1995’s “…And the Circus Leaves Town”) and “100°” (from 1994’s “Welcome to Sky Valley”).

Video footage of the “Hurricane” performance can be seen below.

“The Daily Habit” features “the biggest risk-taking athletes and the most influential faces in entertainment.” (more…)

Review – Easy Trigger – On and On

Easy Trigger are from Nijmegen in The Netherlands. They are  a 4 piece and play some good hard rock with a little bit of pop here and there. Their sound is almost like a fuzzed down version of The Truckfighters with a tad bit of Queens of the Stone Age and some garage rock. On and On is their latest relese. It’s a catchy album with some great guitar riffs and memorable lyrics. The only part I didn’t care for is the last track called “Waar zijn m’n mensen” which was done with a person called Discipline. It’s a rock number with an r&b twist. While it sounded fine (even though it was done in their native tongue), I’m not an r&b/rap guy. Overall the album is good and worth your time and energy. (more…)

Something You Should be Listening To – Borntohula

After visiting Chybucca Sounds today I ran across a gem of a new album in the form of Sunrise Radio by Borntohula. One listen and I knew something special was about to grace my ears today. The sound is heavy, fuzzy, psychedelic and desert sounding. The vocals are a bit gruffy but not to gruff. There’s a right amount of bass to make for a nice and even sound. This will be stuck on repeat throughout the weekend!

Various references spring to mind when hearing the name ‘Born to Hula’. Actually, this was the bands intention. One could say that the sound is reminiscent of QOTSA and mister Bjork, but this rediscovery of the scene is certainly no simple copy. Rather, it approaches it in new ways, celebrating groove rock, blues vibes and rhythm n’ drive in the process. This comes across in a really visceral way, stirring the blood and clearing the mind. There is no doubting the fact that these riffs will leave a lasting impression. (more…)

Josh Homme and Alain Johannes create theme song for AUPS1

<a href=”“>I have been watching Aqua teen Hunger Force on Adult Swim since the pilot episode… (when they were (private) dicks then too).

Well…the creators decided to change up the format to Adult Swim’s longing running cartoon by asking Josh and Alain to make a new theme song. The old theme song was a very catchy rap (i still try to sing it today)…but Josh and Alain brought in a new flavor that sounds perfect against the new title sequence too.

ATHF and AUPS1 has made laugh and feel slightly uncomfortable for 5 years now…adding Josh and Alain only makes this trip more of a trip.