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Hour of 13, “Who’s to Blame?” single [from upcoming 333]

It’s not out until May 21, 2012 (on Earache), but Hour of 13’s upcoming 333 has me psyched: The Ritualist was my no. 19 album of last year, and even though this track seems to have evolved very little, if at all, from the sound on that album, somehow it doesn’t matter.

Also, why 333? Because that’s half the alleged number of the beast? You know what would’ve been an awesome title?

25.80697580112788– The Square Root of the Beast!

Huh…huh– amirite?

Anyway, here’s a link to Decibel Magazine’s blog, which is streaming the new single….


The Yard Apes – Devil’s Road: Album Review

via Sludge Factory

A lot of bands’ Shangri-La would be selling out Wembley Stadium or touring Ozzfest but THE YARD APES would be at home playing an outback muster after dark with fires burning in old oil drums, as the masses dance up a storm or find themselves parked on hay bails unwinding from a long day with a local brew. Their debut release Devil’s Road delivers country town music, with big smoke productions and southern American influences as far as the eye can see, yet they are unmistakeably Australian.

Opening track Goin’ South is an upbeat and catchy number which is an ode to youthful, lust-filled joyrides that sets the pace for the entire album as THE YARD APES blend rockabilly, surf and just a hint of psychedelia. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Chain Gang Blues was a JOHNNY CASH cover as they incorporate his signature freight-train sound with lyrical references to prison life. Alas it is an original song, which is quite the (more…)

Micro-review Fest, 2012: 5 doom/stoner bands, including Badr Vogu, Pelican, 16, Elder and Low Gravity!

Self-described as Blues/ Death Metal/ Ghettotech, from Oakland, CA, Bädr Vogu and their long player, Exitium, are a second generation Cough (who, it could be argued, are a second-generation Electric Wizard); now, while I love me some Cough and EW, Bädr Vogu don’t quite hit those standards:  the drums are a bit stiff, the death-growl vocals seem a bit forced… but overall, at jet engine volume, this is a pretty rocking collection of tunes, particularly “Slumlord Blues,” with its lurching, evil blues….

Next: having written previously about Pelican’s riffs here, their vinyl (more…)

Micro-reviews of Note: Demon Lung, Prong, Crystal Viper

To paraphrase Shawn Spencer from Psych: “Are you a fan of delicious riffage?”

Of course you are. That’s why you’re here, among other devotees of the Ostinato, in whatever form(s) it may take. Today, we have three up and coming perveyors of the Riff: Demon Lung, Prong, and Crystal Viper. (more…)

Review – High on Fire – De Vermis Mysteriis

There’s some serious convergence, confluence, coincidence, coalescence… connection– hell, conjuration, this week… for one Matt Pike:

First, the announcement of the upcoming reissue of Dopesmoker, and today one De Vermis Mysteriis….

Here’s the review slurry, everything in one paragraph:

“Serums of Laio,” starts things off: bombast, staccato drum hits with riffs down in C and the faintest hint of a melody in the chorus, “Bloody Knuckles,” again with the tribal drums over a palm-muted, Sleep-on-amphetamines riff which becomes a “Dazed and Confused”-esque riff and then back to Mötorhead tunage… “Fertile Green” says fuck you, you’re not tribal enough to all the drums up to this point in its intro, before becoming Discharge-meets-Bad Religion in its furious downbeating riffage… “Madness of an Architect,” now with the tribal riff added to said drums to begin to succinctly suggest the dominant musical themes herein, baby… “Samsara” the Sabbathian instrumental… (more…)

Micro: Slabdragger, Regress

Slabdragger is a great band name, one;

Two, any band that describes themselves as “blues/ jam band/ metal” is worth at least checking out;

Three, their lyrical themes are classified as “epic journeys, weed, sea monsters…”;

Lastly, all this positive foreshadowing actually pays off: this is cool shit. Doomy, screamed sludge metal. “Bab el-Mandeb” is a great sludge tune, “Erroneous Maximus” rocks a vaguely-funky California stoner riff, “Trichome Oddyssey” is a wildly-heavy Pink Floyd, and “Iron Vulture” is the lost Sabbath tune they wish they wrote.

As near as I can ascertain, they’re a three-piece from London. Hopefully they’ll explode over the next few years. They should.

Slabdragger myspace link ($6!)

Review – Christian Mistress – Possession

Very like The Devil’s Blood (i.e., highly capable female singer with traditional doom metal/ rock music background), but more 70s rock/metal, less 70s rock/pop. If that made any sense.

Shut up. You read this site. You knew very well what I meant.

“Over and over,” a satanic T-rex, a heavier Kansas… “Pentagram and Crucifix,” almost like a track from Danzig’s eponymous debut (and very nearly as sweet) with its alternating time (i.e., downbeat to forebeat in the verse)… “Conviction” is an (improbably) Y&T-like ripper….

“The Way Beyond” fires up a lap steel-laced acoustic intro and slows things down for a minute or two, before igniting a “Children of the Grave”-esque riff–

seriously, if you’re reading this site, you love stoner/doom riffs. This track alone would complete you sexually: (more…)