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DAily Bandcamp Album – Rokeville by The Columbines

This one is a bit different but fucking cool. The band The Columbines is from Chicago. they play some wicked blues rock mixed with a bit of old school outlaw country and even some rock-a-billy. Think of it as Chicago’s version of Five Horse Johnson.

“The Columbines arrived with a splash, riding a flaming wicker bunny that fell from the sky into the icy waters of Lake Michigan. They play songs about love, songs about anger, songs about angry love and lovely anger, songs with birds, bees, cars, trains, and planes, songs about the devil you know and the devil you don’t.”


The Yard Apes – Devil’s Road: Album Review

via Sludge Factory

A lot of bands’ Shangri-La would be selling out Wembley Stadium or touring Ozzfest but THE YARD APES would be at home playing an outback muster after dark with fires burning in old oil drums, as the masses dance up a storm or find themselves parked on hay bails unwinding from a long day with a local brew. Their debut release Devil’s Road delivers country town music, with big smoke productions and southern American influences as far as the eye can see, yet they are unmistakeably Australian.

Opening track Goin’ South is an upbeat and catchy number which is an ode to youthful, lust-filled joyrides that sets the pace for the entire album as THE YARD APES blend rockabilly, surf and just a hint of psychedelia. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Chain Gang Blues was a JOHNNY CASH cover as they incorporate his signature freight-train sound with lyrical references to prison life. Alas it is an original song, which is quite the (more…)