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Introducing… Vile Red Falcons

Since 2008, Vile Red Falcons have been descending upon the Northwest to deliver a new yet familiar breed of riff based rock. They make a bold sonic statement with churning over driven guitars and a bass and drum combo so solid and heavy that they make their own gravity. Drawing heavily on groups like Soundgarden, AC/DC, and Queens of the Stone Age the Vile Red Falcons put on an energy filled live show that is sure to please. Guitarist and singer John Beidel belts out lyrics that are full of attitude, unashamed and truthful. Nate Rich paces the stage wringing unison riffs and moaning wah pedal sounds from his guitar while James Bench and Kevin Kildun issue forth a torrent of pulsing bass and solid drums that anchor the (more…)


MOS GENERATOR – 10th Anniversary Edition LP/CD Set for North American Release

Mark it on your calendars, the deluxe edition of the debut Mos Genrator album, featuring a full length LP, a CD with previously unreleased tracks and a full incendiary live concert, and a digital download of further live, demo, and jam tracks will be available throughout North America on April 10th, 2012! In conjunction with Nail Distribution, Ripple Music is proud to announce that this quintessential debut album and amazing musical package will now be available to a wider market of insatiable rock n’ roll fans. (more…)

Introducing… Police Teeth

“This is one of the best things I’ve heard so far this year…Police Teeth are awesomer than most.”

“Police Teeth are another band that proves punk rock isn’t dead, but rather still healthily stalking around in sweaty, cigarette-fogged basements. The group’s latest record, Awesomer Than The Devil, effortlessly sinks into a rhythmic, The Argument-era Fugazi groove one minute, and slingshots back to the sing-along style of old the next. Even so, the band never reaches for the cookie cutter; rather than following a simple guide through the punk rock lexicon, Police Teeth take marked risks and detours, sidestepping off the worn paths of their predecessors.” – The Onion AV Club Milwaukee


Scion A/V Sponsoring Spring U.S. Tour

Feb. 23, Torrance, Calif. —  Scion A/V has partnered with the Melvins for an EP titled Scion A/V Presents: The Bulls & The Bees,  a five-song collection that marks the band’s first original material since their 2010 album The Bride Screamed Murder.   The release will be available as a free download on Mar. 13 via Scion A/V’s Facebook page (Scionav) with “The War On Wisdom” streaming this Friday on (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – Bell Witch – Bell Witch Demo

Bell Witch, a band from Seattle, WA. Hardcore doom sludge metal. Deep heavy and bone crushing. I had to take the headphones off because I thought I was going to have an aneurism. Yeah, it’s that heavy.

“My Goodness” Vinyl Presale!

My Goodness Goes Vinyl

That’s right! Seattle’s beloved rock duo will be releasing their debut album on vinyl on January 31, 2012, and as a Sarathan friend, you can preorder through us now and save big time! See below:


Daily Bandcamp Album – Ancient Warlocks – The Superwizard 7″ Single

Today’s Daily Bandcamp Album is Seattle’s own Ancient Warlocks The Superwizard 7″ Single.

Ancient Warlocks have been gearing up to explode on the scene since their hugely successful first show on November 12, 2010 @ The 2 Bit Saloon in Seattle, WA. They are currently working out the details for their first full length release with a couple of independent labels, and have a handful of local shows booked.

This is a fine 7″ release. Ancient Warlocks is a personal favorite for yours truly. In just these 2 songs the band shows a ton of promise. Now if the full length would hurry up and get here..