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GRAND MAGUS: Official ‘The Hunt’ Lyric Video Released

The official lyric video for “The Hunt”, the title track of the new album from Swedish heavy rockers GRAND MAGUS, can be seen below. Due in Europe on May 25 via Nuclear Blast Records, the CD’s cover artwork was created by Arik Roper (CATHEDRAL, HIGH ON FIRE, SLEEP), who also handled the art on GRAND MAGUS“Iron Will” LP.

Commented GRAND MAGUS frontman Janne “J.B.” Christoffersson: “Arik Roper is a super-talented artist and we’ve had the pleasure of working with him before when he did the cover art for our album ‘Iron Will’. This time around with the overall feel and lyrical themes of our new album ‘The Hunt’, Arik was the perfect choice once again. We basicallly just gave him the title and he created one of the most haunting and suggestive images ever seen. He totally nailed what the album is all about. To say we are pleased is a gigantic understatement! This piece of art will stand the test of time and become classic.”

“The Hunt” track listing:

01. Starlight Slaughter (more…)


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Noisey, Vice magazine’s music channel, has uploaded video footage of “a nameless ghoul” from the mysterious Swedish buzz metal act GHOST talking about Satan’s faith in his band and his band’s faith in the BEACH BOYS. Check out the clip below.

GHOST cult leader “Papa Emeritus” (rumored to be REPUGNANT/SUBVISION‘s Tobias Forge, who takes the stage in the form of “a satanic pope”) and his anonymous ghouls are currently supporting MASTODON and OPETH on a North American tour.


The awaited debut album of Swedish DÖDAREN available through digital distribution services from April 27th.

DÖDAREN was formed late 2010 by four devoted musicians in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their first EP, Flyttar In, quickly reaped attention in the realms of the underground blogosphere and was early accepted as stoner rock. It was compared to larger and more influential bands in the margins of alternative rock and swiftly received some dedicated fans in several corners of the world. Eric, Martin, Fredrik and Jon have prior to the formation of the group played in several different constellations in genres ranging from the softest blues to the hardest hardcore.

Spurred by the success of the EP, DÖDAREN gathered during the winter of 2011/2012 and recorded their debut Maen, further raising the level of ambition. The guys in DÖDAREN see themselves as moving through uncharted territories of style, and thus lets others do the categorizations. Some say they sound like the groovy rock that Clutch stands for, with just a hint of post metal added for good measure. Others proclaim that the recipe to sound like DÖDAREN would be to borrow some of the well known Gothenburg energy from Graveyard, steal some riffs from any great (more…)


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Steel And Fire recently conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Janne “J.B.” Christoffersson of Swedish heavy rockers GRAND MAGUS. You can now watch the chat below.

Due to family obligations and work commitments, drummer Sebastian “Seb” Sippola has left GRAND MAGUS. The new man behind the kit is Ludwig “Ludde” Witt (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, FIREBIRD, SHINING).
Commented Sebastian: “It took a load off my mind that Ludwig was chosen because he is a friend of mine. By the way, honestly and objective: In my opinion Ludwig is the best replacement for me because he already knows J.B. and Fox [Skinner, bass] and he exactly knows which demands the drumming at GRAND MAGUS will make on him. They will be a great team and I’m really looking forward to see them live — though I have no idea, how my reaction will be in this situation.” (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – Sonic Ritual – Mother Hearse

I got hooked on this one right away. Sonic Ritual’s other Hearse album is some fine doom metal with psychedelic moments. It could also be described as psych blues. Graveyard is one band I’m remind of when I hear Sonic Ritual.

Current Rotation 4/4/2012

I’ve been sitting on this one longer than I care to admit. It certainly would’ve wound up in my top 20 list of 2011 had I listened to it right away. My apologies to the band for not getting to it sooner. Better late than never I guess. The Crown That Wears The Head was released late last year on vinyl. Certainly now strangers to these pages, Hong Faux belt out yet another winner in their first full length following a demo and an EP release. The album is a lot mellower compared to a lot of albums we’ve been covering lately but there’s nothing tame about Hong Faux.There’s a lot of great and memorable riffs, especially my favorite track, “Bad City Blues.” While this album is not a real “fuzzed out” album, it does have some moments for fans of the fuzz. At times I was reminded of The Truckfighters’ Mania album. “Jack of Clubs” has a killer solo to close out the track followed by “Sparrow Hills” which is somewhat of a roller coaster in terms of tone. Still though, it’s a killer track. (more…)

Deville: New Music, New Video

After more than 100 gigs all over Europe since the debut album release it was time for the new album “Hail the Black Sky”. Recorded during the early months in 2009 in Malmoe , Sweden by Markus Nilsson and produced by Deville. The band has taken a step to a more straight forward songwriting and this album has more of an album feeling than the last one recording the songs during the same period of time. It follows the pattern of significant Deville grooves and 70`s driven riffing of the darker school. Eleven tracks of rock in the veins of Black Sabbath. Kyuss and Soundgarden it takes you to the next level of 70´s rock for the 21st century.This album proves the bands progress to their own sound in the genre of heavy rock and beyond and will definitely take the listeners for a ride.. The swedish rockband Deville released their full lenght debut “Come Heavy Sleep” in december -07 on Buzzville Records(be) with great reviews. Two european tours took place in jan/feb and nov/dec -08 that went through seven countriesHeaviness and grooves dominates “Come Heavy Sleep” that stretches from stonerrock to doom riffs. Deville released a record on Daredevil records(distr.Soulfood/Sony in Germany ) in 05/06, a split record (double feature cd lp). It was also released in Europe and in the US . The band have (more…)