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Review- Naam-The Ballad of the Starchild EP

Naam is a Brookln based psych stoner band that is releasing a trip of an EP, The Ballad of the Starchild, on May 8th through Tee Pee Records. It’s a ambitious journey of psychedelic sounds and musical gentleness. It is something to get lost in.

“Sentry of Skies” is chill and stoney. The music trickles with a constant beat and gentle guitar that lifts me off with great care and ease. Relaxing. “Lands Unknown” sends rings of Saturn around my (more…)

New York Rock Trio NAAM to Release New EP “The Ballad of the Starchild” on May 8, 2012

Brooklyn’s Best Psych-Rock Band Shoots for the Stars on Highly Anticipated New Release


    NAAM The Ballad of the Starchild 

For Fans of: MC5, Black Mountain, Black Rainbows, Kyuss, Blue Cheer, White Hills, Boris & The Entrance Band!     (more…)

Review – Kadavar – Kadavar

I think I may have found the next big thing here. Kadavar has been featured here before as somewhat of a preview of things to come. The vinyl finally made its way into my hands, while I was waiting anxiously for it, I found it to be worth the wait.

This 3 piece from Germany play heavy psych/psych blues ala Graveyard, Brutus, and a little bit of Witchcraft. The riffs rock and roar, they’re hypnotizing and very damn catchy. The album opens with “All Our Thoughts” which is akin to Graveyard’s “Satan’s Finest.” “Black Sun” is a riff lovers dream, the tempo goes up and down throughout, more of a verse, chorus, verse deal but is very fitting. “Forgotten Past” is a bit slower paced but still has some excellent and catchy riffs. The solo towards the end kicks some serious ass. “Goddess of Dawn” starts off with this really thick and heavy riff. (more…)

AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR To Release New Album “Third” on June 5, 2012

Cult French Quartet Signs to Tee Pee Records for Release of New LP   

     Tee Pee Records is proud to announce the signing of one of Europe’s most accomplished underground psych bands, AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR. The band will release its new album Third on June 5.  AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR‘s previous full length releases – “Under The Moon Of…” and “Aqua Nebula Oscillator” — have met to shining fan and critical acclaim and established the cult quartet as one of the most diverse, creative (and WILD) bands of the last decade!


The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

Tune in to Grip of Delusion Radio this Saturday 3-5 EST for The Soda Shop Podcast. This week we honor a great label, Tee Pee Records. This Podcast is full of current and past Tee Pee bands with newer and older songs. Tune in!


01 Elks – “Destined For The Sun” from Destined For The Sun (2011)
02 Kadavar – “Forgotton Past” from Kadavar (2012)
03 Ancestors – “Dust” from Invisible White (2011)
04 All Night – “So Long” from All Night (2002)
05 Night Horse – “Don’t Need Your Lovin’ from The Dark Won’t Hide You (2008)
06 Nebula – “The Other Side” from Heavy Psych (2008)
07 High on Fire – “Last” from The Art of Self Defense (2000)
08 Naam – “Icy Row” from Naam (2009) (more…)

Introducing… Kadavar

One thing is clear, it is impossible to overhear the Black Sabbath influence. Of course the impact of other great and important bands, such as Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind and Witchfinder General can also be heard in the music of this band. This can make you forget that you are actually listening to a contemporary trio from Berlin.

Reading this you could get the impression, that listening to KADAVAR’s music could get boring quite fast, due to the fact that we’ve heard this kind of music before. The good thing about their music is that the sound is converted in such way that the audience notices that blood, sweat and tears have been shed during the process. Music like this can only be played on such high level if one has been through the rough shit that live brings with it sometimes. As an audience we are automatically faced with long straight hair, minimum one mustache, a lot of rings on both hands, fur collars and flared trousers.

The Ludwig- Drum set sounds amazingly dry, well it is a Ludwig. Bass and Guitar stand on either side of the stage, building a panorama view, which is great fun over headphones. On the left you get Grease, on the right Fuzz, everything pounds and booms, there’s the double space vocals. It’s easy to be blown away. Superb. (more…)

Truckfighters ‘Mania’ Gets An Official North American Release

Swedish fuzz rockers had this to say today regarding Mania, the band’s 2009 release

Truckfighters “Mania” to be officially released in the North America by Tee Pee Records on 5/8/2012 (May 8th) Very cool very fett!

So there you go. If you’ve missed out or don’t want to pay out the nose to import it, it’ll be available domestically very soon.