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New Baby Woodrose Single and Video Out Today

Baby Woodrose will release their new album Third Eye Surgery April 16th. Dandelion has been chosen as the second single from the album and it’s quite different from the spaced out sounds otherwise found on the album. Dandelion is a sweet psychedelic pop song and it is also a duet between Lorenzo Woodrose and the beautiful young Danish singer Emma Acs who released her debut album Champagne in 2011.

Dandelion is released online via iTunes, Spotify, TDCplay, Amazon bla bla bla today March 19th and there is also a new video out for the song that you can watch here (more…)


Review – Baby Woodrose – Third Eye Surgery

So, Baby Woodrose has a new album coming out in April. I don’t know Lorenzo Woodrose personally but from what I can tell, the man keeps pretty busy. The man could be considered the king of psychedelic rock the way he puts out albums. Between Dragontears and Baby Woodrose among others, he has quite the resume.

I’ll be honest, I’m at a loss for words here on this one. The album isn’t bad, in fact, it’s great. It’s one of those albums that hits you and makes you say “wow.” Die hard fans of Lorenzo’s work are going to eat this up. It seems the more that Mr. Woodrose puts out, the trippier it gets. There’s lots of moments where you feel like you may be listening to Indian music as it has a lot of the flair and tone making you think that the album originates in India. The whole time I listened to Third Eye Surgery I felt as if I had taken a huge hit of acid and was tripping out the whole time. I wasn’t actually high on anything, Baby Woodrose’s music can and will do that to you. (more…)

Info on Baby Woodrose – Third Eye Surgery Album

Baby Woodrose have just finished recording their 6th studio album entitled Third Eye Surgery and release is set for April 16th. All Baby Woodrose albums have a different vibe and with Third Eye Surgery they have made their space rock album. For the first time Lorenzo Woodrose integrate the heavy psych of his side projects Dragontears and Spids Nøgenhat with the fine song writing of Baby Woodrose.

No matter how much the fuzz guitar is wailing or the echo machine is tripping, there’s always a good song hiding beneath the rumble. Several of them clocks in at 6 minutes so there are only 9 songs on Third Eye Surgery. Songs like Nothing is Real and Love Like a Flower have an Eastern flavour thanks to the sitar of Vicki Singh while Just a Ride sounds like a trip to India in more than one way. (more…)

Baby Woodrose – Third Eye Surgery out April 16th

Happy New Year! Let’s start the year with something uplifting. The upcoming Baby Woodrose album is almost ready and now has a release date: April 16th. Below is a comment Lorenzo Woodrose wrote about the album recently on the BW website:

“I have now recorded the basic tracks for 13 new songs in my favourite Black Tornado studio with technician Anders “Evil Jebus” Onsberg and plan on spending the next three weeks over Christmas and into the new year finishing an album which will be titled Third Eye Surgery, for release by Bad Afro in April 2012. Most of the songs deal with a concept of unreality/fantasy – which of (more…)

New Baby Woodrose Album In The Works

Upcoming Baby Woodrose album is called Third Eye Surgery

Baby Woodrose is recording their upcoming album this fall/winter at the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen and now the new baby has a name. The 6th studio album (excluding the cover album “Dropout” and the live album “Live at Gutter Island”) will be called Third Eye Surgery and it’s due out in April 2012 on LP, CD and as download. Lorenzo Woodrose was recently quoted for saying that it will become a totally psyched out space rock album with a few twisted pop songs included for good measure. What that means time will tell – but the plan is to release the first single for radio and download in January. And maybe as a 7″ too…..that has not been decided yet.