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MOS GENERATOR 10th Anniversary Re-Issue Test Pressing to be Auctioned Off for Wounded Warrior Charity


Continuing with the company tradition of giving back to the community, Ripple Music will auction an extremely Rare Original Test Pressing of the Mos Generator 10th Anniversary vinyl, with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). With the mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, WWP is the hand extended to encourage warriors as they adjust to their (more…)

Review – Stone Axe – Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011

It’s no secret that Stone Axe is one of my favorite bands. They rank right up there with a lot of the greats for me. The band has released so little but yet so much at one time. Albums, EP’s and plenty of 7″ releases to find and collect, the one true thing that was missing was a live album. Sure the Extended Play EP had a live set played at a local record store, it was good and I loved it, don’t get me wrong but not a “true” live release. So how does one band remedy that? Well you record and release your set from the worlds biggest underground festivals on Earth. Roadburn.

Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011 captures the band’s entire set from the 2011 festival. It captures the raw emotion and energy throughout. From the opening instrumental track “Stonin” to the last track, a Mos Generator cover “Nightwolf” it’s apparent, live music is Stone Axe’s thing. Some bands are great in the studio but so so (or worse) live. Not Stone Axe.  They’ve honed their craft quite nicely and the end output is fantastic. The overall sound and production on this disc is great. The crowd reactions between tracks aren’t really loud or prominent but they’re there to remind you that this is indeed live. Drew even gets the crowd involved during “There’d Be Days.” Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011 contains tracks from both full (more…)

MOS GENERATOR – 10th Anniversary Edition LP/CD Set for North American Release

Mark it on your calendars, the deluxe edition of the debut Mos Genrator album, featuring a full length LP, a CD with previously unreleased tracks and a full incendiary live concert, and a digital download of further live, demo, and jam tracks will be available throughout North America on April 10th, 2012! In conjunction with Nail Distribution, Ripple Music is proud to announce that this quintessential debut album and amazing musical package will now be available to a wider market of insatiable rock n’ roll fans. (more…)

SAINT VITUS: ‘Lillie: F-65’ Track Listing, Cover Artwork Unveiled

via Blabbermouth

The long-awaited new album from U.S. doom legends SAINT VITUS, “Lillie: F-65”, will hit the stores in Europe on April 27 via Season Of Mist. Due to “manufacturing issues,” the CD wil be released in North America in May.

“Lillie: F-65” track listing:

01. Let Them Fall
02. The Bleeding Ground
03. Vertigo
04. Blessed Night
05. The Waste of Time
06. Dependence
07. Withdrawal (more…)

Review – Split Hoof – Split Hoof

Split Hoof is an album that I have been looking forward to hearing for a long time. I can’t remember exactly when but I know it was after a few of the bands demos had popped up on the old Sludge Swamp. The demos were rough but sounded great. In early 2010 the band went to Port Orchard, Washington and recorded their debut album in the studios owned by the legendary Tony Reed (Mos Generator, Heavy Pink, Stone Axe). Mr. Reed mixed and mastered the album as well. The end result, one fabulous sounding album.

Split Hoof is a 3 piece from Austin, Texas and features Kenny Wagner on drums. Kenny has drummed in a multitude of great bands in the past including Thousand Knives of Fire, Super Heavy Goat Ass, and Sixty Watt Shamen.

Split Hoof opens with the blues heavy guitar “Donkey” about a donkey of course. It’s pretty cool, the tune is catchy and they lyrics are genius. The (more…)

Mos Generator Showcase Debut Re-Issue Package Live To Packed House!

Mos Generator Showcase Debut Re-Issue Package Live To Packed House



November 5th, 2011, Port Orchard, Washington stoner rock legends, Mos Generator, clawed their way to back from the underground to celebrate the release of their ten years of hard rockin’ history! Performing a one-off CD release event at Coog’s Record Store in Port Angeles, WA, Mos Generator scorched through a high energy set jam packed with songs culled from their back catalog, as well a few previews from their upcoming, as-of-yet untitled album set for release in summer of 2012. The highlight of the set, however, was the band’s performance of the recently re-issued debut album in its entirety! (more…)

Stone Axe Updates, New Music, Reissues, Mos Generator, HeavyPink, Etc

I’ve been very busy here at HeavyHead recording. Along with finishing up the Stone Axe songs for the split with Wight, I have been compiling disc 2 of the SAII deluxe edition 2 cd set. Disc one will have the original album and 4 bonus tracks including 3 songs from the Beat Club sessions and the video version of Chasing Dragons which has mike on bass and is actually the only studio recording to feature the entire live band on the same song. Disc 2 will be all of the music we have released on vinyl only, including the songs from the 12″ split with Wight. Also included will be a few studio outtakes. This will be released on Ripple Music sometime around Feb./March 2012 just in time for our UK/European tour in April.


In other STONE AXE related news the first MOS GENERATOR record recorded in 2001 is slated for a deluxe release in November. I got the test pressing of the LP and it sounds killer! The re-issue will be released on Ripple Music and will be a deluxe set including a LP/CD/Digital down load with (more…)