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Bandcamp Recommendations – 5/3/2012

The Heavy Eyes are back with a 2 track demo from their winter recording sessions. It’s only 2 songs (thus the “2”) but they already shows signs of a refined sound. Excellent music as always!



Stone Axe Return to UK/Europe in Support of New Deluxe Release

The cream of the retro rockin’ resurgence crop has announced that they’re making their long anticipated return to the shores of the United Kingdom and northern Europe this April! Stone Axe are loading the road cases, fine tuning the live set, and packing fresh clothes for the 2012 edition of their European Tour with Stubb and Trippy Wicked, once again, performing in the support slots. Last (more…)

Bandcamp Recommendation 09/16/2010

Another Thursday and another Bandcamp recommendation. It’s all free. You like it, buy, go to a show, buy other merchandise, just make sure you’re supporting the bands with what they do and te music an entertainment they provide for you.

First is a two piece from Boston called Olde Growth.
Their style is toned down fuzzed out stoner rock with elements of doom, sludge and psychedelic. Very cool and very heavy.

Next up we head all the way to Chile for the next band, Bruto. Bruto is a four piece that play some really kick ass fuzzed out rock. Think Monster Magnet meets Truckfighters. really heavy and really fucking kick ass. The words are fulling in Spanish but it certainly doesn’t take away from the tunes at all, it adds to them.

“The Bleak” is more of an alternate reality rather than a U-turn on style for the UK’s riff worshipping Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight. Following their debut album, “Movin On”, comes four acoustic songs covering themes of emptiness, unrest and loneliness.

The EP was recorded in a home studio by the band over the early summer of 2010, and is a re-working of a single 20 minute atmospheric sludge piece of music that has yet to see the light of day.

Over the top Sabbath worshipping has been replaced with soft vocal passages, subtle chords and the occasional melancholic horn blast. Frontman Pete Holland has put down his usual sweat coated guitar for a ukulele and drummer Chris West is on guitar duties this time round.

Next is She Loves Pablo. Here’s a little review I found and decided to use because I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

“…The guys in She Loves Pablo seem to have been raised on gasoline and nails. Every minute of the album nails you against the desk and each track is well played with lots of grooves and fuzzadelic power enough to feed all starving ‘nail shitters’ out there. ‘Pablo’s gang’ have convinced me that there is much hope left and the heavy rock scene will live on forever. The mother of all mothers is dynamite just waiting to blow your ears off!… crank it up, grab a beer, and spank the monkey, ’cause there is some heavy shit going on in the south…”
Review by Tobias Beament,
full review:

Last up for the week is a band from Australia called The Electric Primitives. This 2 piece plays some pretty fast and heavy garage blues rock. They sound a little like The Brought Low. This is one of 2 free EPs for you to check out and enjoy.

Free Bandcamp Music For Your Enjoyment

As you may or may not know, Bandcamp is the new sheriff in town as far as music distribution is concerned. Any artist/band can upload their music to the site and allow the end user to pay what they think is fair for the album. You can even listen to the albums for free in their entirety to decide if it’s worth it. One bad thing about the site is the lack of a search button. I have taken the liberty to find some pretty good music and share it with you. All the bands mentioned below are offering their music either for a name your own price  or completely free. We here at The Soda Shop encourage everyone to chip in what they can if they like what they download and even purchase a physical CD/LP if you really like it.

The first is Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight. This UK band plays a mean stoner rock with elements of psychedelic, blues, sludge and heavy rock mixed in. The album is still slightly new as it was released back in October 2009. I know it’s popped up online before but here’s a chance for anyone who missed it before to find it and enjoy it.

It’s a 10 track, 52 minute epic musical journey of songs about living the good life, fire, growing beards, girls, aliens, loneliness, pirates, love and so much more. Movin On is full of the sexiest, sleaziest stoner, doom, blues, whatever-the-hell-you-wanna-call-it riffs you ever heard and was recorded in June 2009 under the warm Dorset sunshine at Chuckalumba studios. You can get yours over at Bandcamp.

Now here are some great desert inspired tunes from the great Croatia. Much to how Kyuss was back in the day, Cojones are to today. That’s not to say that the singer sounds like John Garcia in fact that’s far from the truth, he sounds nothing like John. The songs are very representative of that era in time. The second song, “Prozac” is a very upbeat and catchy tune. It keeps your head bobbing from beginning to end. As a matter of fact, the entire album is like that. Fans of Kyuss will love this one. It can be found here.

Some sad news about our next band The Harold Wartooth. They called it quits about 18 months ago. These Canadian rockers play a fast paced hard rock with some hints of garage. The music reminds me if perhaps Robert Plant took his Led Zeppelin material and played with Soundgarden, or, simply put, Robert Plant singing in Soundgarden. Personally I’ve been hooked on this band for a few weeks now. The album is very catchy. Listen and download on their section of Bandcamp.

The next band comes form the land down under. Brisbane, Australia to be exact. Shellfin play a simplistic but hard stoner rock. Definitely different. There’s even some desert rock, aka Kyuss influences within as well. The band is currently in the process of recording their full length album which should be released by years end. Get your shell on over at their Bandcamp site.

The last band for this edition is Speedblow and the are from Greece.. They play some killer metal/sludge/doom rock. This EP runs about 22 minutes and have you hanging your head from start to finish. Check ’em out.