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Melvins Lite Trekking Across Canada (and some US dates) This Summer; Last Call with Carson Daly performance on Apr. 25


Melvins Lite, the additional incarnation of the Melvins which features Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantômas) have announced their first round of tourdates, a tour (more…)


Scion A/V Sponsoring Spring U.S. Tour

Feb. 23, Torrance, Calif. —  Scion A/V has partnered with the Melvins for an EP titled Scion A/V Presents: The Bulls & The Bees,  a five-song collection that marks the band’s first original material since their 2010 album The Bride Screamed Murder.   The release will be available as a free download on Mar. 13 via Scion A/V’s Facebook page (Scionav) with “The War On Wisdom” streaming this Friday on (more…)

Introducing… Christian Mistress

bio from Relapse Records:

“a deliciously retro sound, with two guitars dancing in lockstep over a leather-jacketed chug and swagger reminiscent of early-’80s Black Sabbath.” – Time Out NY

Olympia, Washington’s traditional heavy metal band, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS (Christine Davis: vocals, Oscar Sparbel: guitar, Ryan McClain: guitar, Johnny Wulf: bass, Reuben Storey: drums) formed in 2007, while the band’s 2010 LP, ‘Agony & Opium’, received international critical acclaim for its unflinchingly authentic take on American heavy metal.

In 2009 CHRISTIAN MISTRESS released a 4 song demo cassette, which quickly went on to sell more than 300 copies worldwide. The demo attracted the attention and praise of several underground luminaries and lovers of classic metal including infamous illustrator Dennis Dread, Ajna (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – Ancient Warlocks – The Superwizard 7″ Single

Today’s Daily Bandcamp Album is Seattle’s own Ancient Warlocks The Superwizard 7″ Single.

Ancient Warlocks have been gearing up to explode on the scene since their hugely successful first show on November 12, 2010 @ The 2 Bit Saloon in Seattle, WA. They are currently working out the details for their first full length release with a couple of independent labels, and have a handful of local shows booked.

This is a fine 7″ release. Ancient Warlocks is a personal favorite for yours truly. In just these 2 songs the band shows a ton of promise. Now if the full length would hurry up and get here..

Review – Brokaw – Interiors

The next gem from Good to Die Records is a from a band called Brokaw. A newer band, like many in the past, are compromised of people from this band, that band, etc. The names Sunn O))) and Goatsnake come up in the bio and honestly, I was a little hesitant as those two bands are really my thing. So, in order to get an idea of the sound, I figured I’d at least listen to one track. The age old saying “Never judge a book by its cover” has never been so much more true. All doubts were erased from my mind.

Interiors is a hard rocking stoner metal album that has very little doom and sludge references from past associations. It opens with the very raw sounding “Ambulance Red.” The bass is very dominant and the tempo is very fast and upbeat. Interiors mixes some of the best blend of punk, noise rock, stoner metal and hard rock and wraps it up into one huge fireball of greatness. Just like “Ambulance Red,” the album features prominent bass lines, catchy lyrics and crushing guitar riffs. It is hard to wrap my finger on a favorite track as they’re all great. If I did have to pick one though, it would (more…)

Introducing… Fungal Abyss

Not much of a bio for these guys but their a sister band to Seattle’s Lesbian. Instead of the sludge metal that Lesbian plays, Fungal Abyss play improvised, instrumental, progressive and psychedelic rock. It sounds a lot like it’s just a psychedelic jam. Anyway though it sounds damn good.