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RIPPLE MUSIC To Sponsor The 2012 Metroplex Heavy Fest!

RIPPLE MUSIC to Sponsor The 2012 Metroplex Heavy Fest, Featuring Headlining Performances From Wo-Fat and Earthen Grave



Daily Bandcamp Album – Wo Fat – Noche del Chupacabra

Tearing through the speakers like a swamp monster summoned from some dark cosmic morass, Texas riffmasters Wo Fat unapologetically blast out a southern fried, blues-infused version of Psychedelic Doom, conjuring up visions of hoodoo shacks, prowling undead, hell hounds at the crossroads, Lovecraftian cultists and ghouls, and worlds beyond where the riff reigns almighty.
Wo Fat rose from the deep and began their psychedelic quest circa 2003 when guitarist Kent Stump formed the band with drummer Michael Walter and bassist Tim Wilson. Their goal was to create a music that is crushingly heavy, but that stays within the paradigm forged by Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top and the other 70’s greats. A music that allows for improvisational freedom, extensive jamming and interplay between the three members yet that, at the same time, allows them to crank out monolithic, fuzzed out, downtuned riffs, all the while staying true to the haunting blues that wail and moan deep within their souls. (review)

Stoner Rock, Heavy Rock, Beard Rock: Small Stone’s got it L.A. and Austin

Monday, March 12, 2012
Los Globos Nightclub, 3040 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90026 (more…)


via Press Release

For some of you this old news, as we have already let the cat out of the bag on Facebook for a few of these… But for those of you who prefer to get your information the old fashioned way, we have quite a few new acts that have just joined the Small Stone Family.

Please welcome: New Hampshire’s Supermachine (two ex-Scissorfight boys, and two boys you are most likely not all that hip to), Dallas, TX’s Wo Fat (who have mastered the fine art of fusing early Sabbath riffs with the soul and swagger of the deep south), Connecticut’s Lord Fowl (who make (more…)

Wo Fat Signs With Small Stone Records

In a status update to their Facebook page today, Wo Fat had this to announce:

Wo Fat is extremely pleased to announce that we are now on Small Stone Records!

Congratulations fellas, another fine band added to a fine label.

New Radio Show

Here’s a new radio station starting up that everyone  would be interested in.

Kent from Wo Fat here.  I’m going to be starting an internet radio show on BabylonFM called Transmissions From Beyond.  It’s gonna obviously be dedicated to the stoned psyche-doom-adelic world as well as the Old Heavy 70’s.  The first show will be airing this Saturday at 10 PM Central time on  If you’ve got an iphone/android you can use the TuneIn app to listen to BabylonFM.  The first show features a number of upcoming Texas talent as well as some killer European bands.
If any bands are interested in submitting music for the show, they can contact me at

Wo Fat

Top 20 of 2011 – Jake’s Picks

Shortly after I wrote last year’s Top 20 list, I knew it was going to be interesting to write this year’s. I’ll be honest, I didn’t hold out much hope for 2011 after the year that 2010 was. There were several huge releases in ’10 that I figured would put it on top for, at least, a few years. Sure, there were a few heavily anticipated releases I knew were coming in ’11 like Graveyard‘s Hisingen Blues, but that still paled in comparison. It wasn’t until this year started to go along that it was clear that 2011 was just as good, if not better, than 2010. This was helped along by several amazing hidden gems that were discovered throughout the year. I must have had fun discovering and enjoying all of this music because 2011 flew by faster than any year in recent memory.

In comparing last year to this year, I did find something curious. Last year, Bill and I shared similar lists with 10 matching entries with several of those in nearly identical placements on our lists. This year, things are a bit different. I only count 7 matches, and only 2 with a similar position. Consider the additional albums on this list an early Christmas gift from the cosmos.

As always, the creating of these lists are extremely hard, and I hate to leave some very deserving bands off of a list like this. Unfortunately, I can’t include every amazing album on this list. This year’s list has been worked on all year. I’ve meticulously arranged albums as I’ve listened to them throughout this year, continually going back to adjust their standings. Some bands have moved up, some have moved down, and some have flew to the top, seemingly out of nowhere. (more…)