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Check out Dunwich Amps…

An interview and demo with Dunwich Amplifier’s founder and builder Nicholas Williams

Written by Ian Gerber for The Soda Shop

As the music industry continues to ignore and abandon fans of real music, it is no wonder that the underground continues to grow.  If you haven’t noticed, “Stoner Rock” is growing in popularity.  As more and more stoner and doom band’s popularity grows, so does the base of musicians who want to try to their hands at playing the fuzzed out, down-tuned riffs that we have all grown to love.  This poses a problem to to the average, broke,  stoner/doom riffmeister.  The days of snatching up a “cheap”  vintage Sunn or Matamp amplifier to wail on are long gone.  These amps were originally used by bands because they were loud and affordable.  As more people noticed the monolithic rigs of their new found guitar and bass heros, and with the rise of Ebay, these amps that were once considered second rate and undesirable quickly rose in price and became harder and harder to find.  It is no surprise that the underground, or boutique, magicians of electrical circuit morphing have noticed the need and desire for gizmos and gadgets to replicate the sound of Matt Pike’s Sleep era amp rig and have started produce pedals to help achieve the trademark of  the doom sound…loud as fuck distortion.  However, it takes more than just a pedal to get the right sound and it is a lot harder to find an amp builder who know who the hell Matt Pike is and is also willing to build an amp that replicates the sound of his mountain of vintage Green amplifiers than cruising Youtube and Ebay for  the right handmade stompbox.  There just aren’t a lot of people who are willing to take on the task.  With that being said, it’s time to introduce you to Nicholas Williams.  Nicholas has a lot in common with the guys who write and perform the riffs that we have all thrown our necks out to while raising the horns.  He loves a good riff.  He wants it played LOUD.  He spends his time toiling in obscurity.  He has a day gig.  He also takes full advantage of the modern day marvel that we call the internet to help reach people that would have otherwise not had access to the fruit of his labor.  Rarely do the guys who make the equipment that make our beloved doom and stoner riffs a reality get the credit they deserve.  Nicholas Williams is one of the bearded brethren and it is time to become acquainted with his company Dunwich Amplifiers and the sonic behemoth which he calls “The Wizard”.

Dunwich Amplifiers “The Wizard” Demo… (more…)

Pioneer Adds Functionality to Latest DJ Headphones

New HDJ-500T-K Entry Level DJ Headphones Can Be Used for Hands-free Phone Calls

LONG BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.’s Professional Sound and Visual Division today introduced the HDJ-500T-K (MSRP: $145.00) multi-functional entry level DJ headphones that can be used for DJing, leisure music listening and now hands-free calling. The new HDJ-500T-K includes two interchangeable cords: a coiled cord for DJ purposes and a straight cord with an integrated microphone that enables users to answer incoming calls when connected to a smartphone.

“Consumers are always looking for accessories that can do more than just one thing. With the new HDJ-500T-K you can go from using it at a gig, to enjoying music from a smartphone, to taking a call, all with the same device. A quick push of the answer button on the straight cord enables a phone conversation, and as soon as that ends you’re back to listening to music, all with high quality sound,” said David Arevalo, senior marketing manager, Professional Sound and Visual Division for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.



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New Music + Mobile Model Offers Enhanced Functionality For iPods, iPhones, and iPads

NILES, IL, November 8, 2010 – Shure Incorporated today unveiled the new SE210m+ Sound Isolating™ Headset, an all-in-one product that combines the professional audio performance and sound isolation of the SE210 Earphones, with an integrated remote and microphone for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod models. Joining the SE115m+ Headset and SRH240m+ Headphone, this headset is an impressive addition to the Company’s Music + Mobile line, featuring an ergonomic design and customizable ear sleeves that provide maximum isolation and an ideal fit, while High-Definition MicroDrivers deliver full range sound.

“As Apple continues to evolve its offerings, we are dedicated to enhancing our Music + Mobileproduct line to meet the needs of our customers who use Apple products on a consistent basis,” said Matt Engstrom, Shure’s Category Director for Listening and Monitoring Products. “Combining the professional audio performance and sound isolation that Shure is known for, with a convenient remote and microphone, Apple users can get the most out of their devices with a push of a button.” (more…)

V-Moda’s Metallic Vibrato Earbuds Get Kevlar Cable, In-line iPhone Remote

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Visually stunning headphones feature patented Zinc Alloy construction and hybrid silicone ear tips for superior comfort and brilliant sound

HOLLYWOOD, CA (October 20, 2010) – V-MODA, the authentic music lifestyle brand and manufacturer of award-winning headphones, introduces the Vibrato noise-isolating in-ear headphones, now available in Apple stores nationwide. Crafted from Zinc Alloy and featuring a Kevlar® fabric cable with a 3-button remote and microphone, the Vibrato is the ultimate multi-purpose earphone.

Designed for music lovers with style, the Vibrato is impeccably sculpted from premium Zinc Alloy using patented die-casting metal technology. This innovative process gives the Vibrato a special geometric design, usually only seen on fine jewelry or watches, and a solid, durable feel, unlike most plastic or aluminum headphones that feel fragile.

“Vibrato was masterfully tuned in collaboration with professional musicians to recreate the sensations of a live music or club experience,” said Val Kolton, Professional DJ and CEO of V-MODA. “Apart from the great sound, it has a distinctive angular look and a solid, luxurious feel that can only be truly experienced first-hand.”

Constructed with an 8mm dynamic HD neodymium driver, the Vibrato delivers vibrant bass, vivid mid-range, and vivacious highs. Its BLISS noise isolating technology effectively reduces background noise and enables a deep bass. In addition, V-MASQUE technology enforces a strict tolerance for high and low frequency ranges, so that every note on the Vibrato sounds as flawless as the next.

Following extensive research and development, V-MODA engineered a hybrid silicone ear tip to create a secure seal, allowing for the ultimate listening experience. The Vibrato includes four sizes (XS, S, M, L) of ear tips to insure a comfortable fit, as well as V-MODA’s patent-pending sport earhooks with ACTIVE FLEX technology. Allowing the listener to move freely without worrying about the headphones falling out, these earhooks are a great option for gym rats and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Vibrato comes with an in-line 3.5 mm microphone and remote control for users with smart phones. The remote control offers complete management of calls and music, featuring volume control, music and video playback, voice memo recording and the ability to answer calls on any iPhone.*

Like all V-MODA headphones, the Vibrato is put through rigorous testing to ensure rock solid durability. Crafted with Kevlar® reinforced fabric cables, a 45 degree angled plug and a 24k gold plated jack, the Vibrato withstands several tests to ensure it’s built to last. Furthermore, every Vibrato comes with a two-year V-MODA premier warranty and is eligible for the V-MODA Replay Replacement Program, which gives a 50 percent discount to replace any damaged headphones. To see more information and videos on V-MODA’s dedication to quality and durability, visit

The Vibrato is currently available for $129.99 through Apple’s retail stores, soon to be on and For additional information, please visit

Marshall Headphones – Sneak Peek

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Marshall Headphones – Sneak Peek

Posted on: 19 October 2010

The heavy sound of Marshall has been carried over the world for nearly 50 years. Breathless roadies and roaring trucks have worked hard to make Marshall heard all across the globe. Now, time has come for you to carry this magnificent burden of rock ‘n’ roll all by yourself.

Spending half a decade on tour with the most prominent and untamed musicians builds experience and a feel for what really works. This unparalleled amount of wisdom has been distilled and fused into every part of Marshall Headphones.

Nothing has been compromised when expanding the Marshall heritage of big stage performance to the individual enjoyment of good music. These headphones are conceived from Marshall’s time-tested fundaments of performance and endurance, designed to thrive on daily use and to render music the way it was meant to sound, no matter what your flavor is. The greatest of effort has also been put into the aesthetics, making the headphones ooze of that iconic Marshall look.

Marshall Headphones is set to launch on the 15th of November world wide. Please visit for more information.