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New Band To Burn One To

Introducing…The Shrine

“On the night of November 6th, 1979 Black Sabbath was at their most drug addled and explosive standing. They were on tour supporting their newly released Never Say Die album and had a night off in Los Angeles. After knocking back a few drinks at the infamous Rainbow Bar, they decided to check out the local rock scene at the Whiskey A-Go-Go. Arriving late, they caught the tail end of a set by The Circle Jerks. Feeling intimidated yet inspired, they rented a rehearsal space and spent the rest of the night jamming. For an unknown reason they exclusively played Thin Lizzy material and Keith Moon was sitting in… These events never took place. But if they did, the results may have sounded similar to Los Angeles’s The Shrine. Formed in 2008, The Shrine play a houserocking breed of heavy, psychedelic, riff based Rock n’ Roll. Their debut, recorded on vintage reel-to-reel tape, by local (more…)


Tennessee’s Hellbender combine fuzz-addled riffage, dual-guitar washes of noise, and heavy rhythms with elements from across the map of psychedelic music into a diverse, yet distinctive sound on “Cosmolux,” their first full length offering. Formed in 2009 in Cookeville, TN, the four-piece debuted with the “Occult 45” 7-inch (Meltface Music Faction) in January 2010. An East Coast tour followed in December of the same year. In early 2011, volumes 1-3 of the “Pyre Tapes” cassette series were released on Hellbender’s own Otherness imprint. Summer saw another East Coast tour with Boston’s The Brown Book and an appearance at the first annual Mutants of the Monsters Music Festival in Little Rock alongside Rwake, Deadbird, and Suplecs.

Someone You Should Listen To – The Pushers

The Pushers are an original hard rock and blues band hailing from the often-overlooked Milwaukee music scene. Armed with a dynamic set list of memorable original songs and a raw, powerful stage presence, they are setting a new standard in the rapidly growing world of modern Midwestern rock.

The Pushers’ music is a product of the down home, working class environment that created it. It’s a smoky, boozy blend that functions perfectly as a soundtrack for barbecues, bar crawls, and one night stands. Each of the members’ unique musical backgrounds and styles provide a staggering list of influences that contribute to the Pushers’ sound, ranging from the contemporary blues artists like Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the Black Keys, to the genre-defining rock greats Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, to more unconventional bands such as The White Stripes and Clutch. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Odyssey 9

As also seen on Heavy Planet

Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Odyssey 9. I do have to give a shout out to Chybucca Sounds for featuring this band a few days ago and opening my eyes (and ears) to them.

stepping out of the shadow..creatures of the night..invaders of the light…psyco-expressive..melancholy root tiger bass and drums..layers of electric acid… weaving patterns of love.. hate..and death ..guitar tones that blend into deep violet..and rock and roll (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Jack and the Bearded Fishermen

As also seen on Heavy Planet

Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Jack and the Bearded Fishermen

Following their formation in 2005, those gentle, not-so-hairy fishermen have sailed the East coast fo France under the undisputed authority of their captain Jack. Though the crew of this intruiging ship may have changed slightly at their last few ports of call, they are currently docked in Besancon, their helm still fixed firmly in the same direction. Taking into their itinery the nehanderthal blues, they will cross through troubled (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Spiderlord

As also seen on Heavy Planet

Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Spiderlord.

This band from New York recently sent an email saying hey, check us out. We get that a lot understandably. Most bands are good, some are ok, a few are, well we won’t mention them. One of the better bands recently was Spiderlord from West Babylon, New York. Their style is pure raw and unadulterated hard rock. Mesmerizing guitars and trippy riffs along with some well timed and placed vocals make these guys seem like they’re from (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – The Grim Wilderness

As also seen on Heavy Planet

Today’s New Band To Burn One To is The Grim Wilderness

Having only been playing together as a full four piece for the last four months, The Grim Wilderness has quickly gained a reputation in the area for their exciting brand of psych-blues that they energetically have been playing at local art galleries and bars most recently. Now looking to expand their sound all over the world they have just recorded a fully mastered 5 song studio set and are looking to promote themselves anywhere and everywhere they see fit. (more…)