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New Band To Burn One To

Introducing…The Shrine

“On the night of November 6th, 1979 Black Sabbath was at their most drug addled and explosive standing. They were on tour supporting their newly released Never Say Die album and had a night off in Los Angeles. After knocking back a few drinks at the infamous Rainbow Bar, they decided to check out the local rock scene at the Whiskey A-Go-Go. Arriving late, they caught the tail end of a set by The Circle Jerks. Feeling intimidated yet inspired, they rented a rehearsal space and spent the rest of the night jamming. For an unknown reason they exclusively played Thin Lizzy material and Keith Moon was sitting in… These events never took place. But if they did, the results may have sounded similar to Los Angeles’s The Shrine. Formed in 2008, The Shrine play a houserocking breed of heavy, psychedelic, riff based Rock n’ Roll. Their debut, recorded on vintage reel-to-reel tape, by local (more…)


Tennessee’s Hellbender combine fuzz-addled riffage, dual-guitar washes of noise, and heavy rhythms with elements from across the map of psychedelic music into a diverse, yet distinctive sound on “Cosmolux,” their first full length offering. Formed in 2009 in Cookeville, TN, the four-piece debuted with the “Occult 45” 7-inch (Meltface Music Faction) in January 2010. An East Coast tour followed in December of the same year. In early 2011, volumes 1-3 of the “Pyre Tapes” cassette series were released on Hellbender’s own Otherness imprint. Summer saw another East Coast tour with Boston’s The Brown Book and an appearance at the first annual Mutants of the Monsters Music Festival in Little Rock alongside Rwake, Deadbird, and Suplecs.

Someone You Should Listen To – The Pushers

The Pushers are an original hard rock and blues band hailing from the often-overlooked Milwaukee music scene. Armed with a dynamic set list of memorable original songs and a raw, powerful stage presence, they are setting a new standard in the rapidly growing world of modern Midwestern rock.

The Pushers’ music is a product of the down home, working class environment that created it. It’s a smoky, boozy blend that functions perfectly as a soundtrack for barbecues, bar crawls, and one night stands. Each of the members’ unique musical backgrounds and styles provide a staggering list of influences that contribute to the Pushers’ sound, ranging from the contemporary blues artists like Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the Black Keys, to the genre-defining rock greats Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, to more unconventional bands such as The White Stripes and Clutch. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Odyssey 9

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Odyssey 9. I do have to give a shout out to Chybucca Sounds for featuring this band a few days ago and opening my eyes (and ears) to them.

stepping out of the shadow..creatures of the night..invaders of the light…psyco-expressive..melancholy root tiger bass and drums..layers of electric acid… weaving patterns of love.. hate..and death ..guitar tones that blend into deep violet..and rock and roll (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Jack and the Bearded Fishermen

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Jack and the Bearded Fishermen

Following their formation in 2005, those gentle, not-so-hairy fishermen have sailed the East coast fo France under the undisputed authority of their captain Jack. Though the crew of this intruiging ship may have changed slightly at their last few ports of call, they are currently docked in Besancon, their helm still fixed firmly in the same direction. Taking into their itinery the nehanderthal blues, they will cross through troubled (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Spiderlord

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Spiderlord.

This band from New York recently sent an email saying hey, check us out. We get that a lot understandably. Most bands are good, some are ok, a few are, well we won’t mention them. One of the better bands recently was Spiderlord from West Babylon, New York. Their style is pure raw and unadulterated hard rock. Mesmerizing guitars and trippy riffs along with some well timed and placed vocals make these guys seem like they’re from (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – The Grim Wilderness

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is The Grim Wilderness

Having only been playing together as a full four piece for the last four months, The Grim Wilderness has quickly gained a reputation in the area for their exciting brand of psych-blues that they energetically have been playing at local art galleries and bars most recently. Now looking to expand their sound all over the world they have just recorded a fully mastered 5 song studio set and are looking to promote themselves anywhere and everywhere they see fit. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – The Heavy Co.

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is The Heavy Co.

Formed in the Fall of 2008, the Heavy Co. has been steadily working on writing, recording, and performing distinctive psychedelic rock music that combines the vibe of classic rock, the acid flashbacks of Haight-Ashbury and Swinging London, and the improvisational driven live experience of the jam band scene. The band was formed by members of Indiana’s burgeoning doom/stoner rock scene seeking a subtler approach to getting spaced and fuzzy, musically speaking. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Low Man

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Low Man.

Low Man is made up of…

Alex Byers: Guitar
Evan Flaherty: Drums
Luke Rifugiato: Guitar / Vocals
J.z.: Bass / Vocals

New Band To Burn One To – In The Silence

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is In The Silence

Ethereal, haunting, beautiful, spiritual…dark and heavy, epic music, combining the intensity of heavy, complex guitars and drums, with the melody and atmosphere of psychedelic, goth, and post-rock genres. Lyrics that are mysterious, spiritual, poetic, backed by music that is dynamic  and powerful, designed to transport you away, or send chills down your spine. In the Silence in its physical manifestation began to take form in 2008, when Guitarist/Songwriter/vocalist Josh Burke recruited the insanely creative and talented drummer Niko Panogopoulos, followed soon after by bassist and debauched mystic, Dennis Davis. 2 songs were recorded in October 2008-Endless Sea, and All the Pieces. Guitarist Nathan Higgins joined shortly after the first two shows, and his tasty leads and sonic expertise made the band almost whole. But, there was one piece (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Deep Sea Green

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To – Deep Sea Green

Formed in 2008 the Hard/Rock blues band DeepSeaGreen consists of brothers Jon and Daniel Jefford, Trent Halliday and Marco Menestrina. All the members with the exception of Italian born Marco originally hail from the East End of London.

After a year of gigging January 2010 saw the band release their debut record. The ten track self-titled live studio album which included singles “Black Maria” (4 months in The Reverbnation London top 100) and “On the Steps of Summer” (over 2 months in the Tourdates unsigned top 20). The album has hailed successful reviews and sold beyond expectations since its release. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Bend Or Break

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Bend Or Break

It’s been almost three years now since old friends Chris Marrone and Pete Cornell reunited to form what has become Bend or Break, and their showing no signs of slowing down. With the release of their highly anticipated album “Viewing Room,” Bend or Break will be looking upwards as they plan to spend the next year on the road in support of their new record. Critics, (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – JP & The Jackrollers

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is JP & The Jackrollers.

JP & The Jackrollers is a rock power trio formed by Jeff Pruitt(Guitars, Lead Vocals) & Steve Eleogram(Bass) in Feb. 2010. After deciding to stop playing in cover bands and start performing their own material, the two formed a duo. They went through a few percussionists but they were able to find a fit in Kevin Carpenter(Drums) straight from Nawlins, LA. This high-intensity 3-piece based in Memphis, TN will put a show on for you that you will never forget. Their songs range from psychedelic groove based jams to heavy, high-energy, fast-as-hell Rock N’ Roll. When asked about the bands sound, one fan was noted as saying “its like end of the world shit, no doubt”. The Jackrollers cut their first record “Decapitated Blues” in the Music + Arts Studio in Archer Records and are currently preparing to start on their next effort. They are gigging heavily and constantly writing new material for their newest (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Wight

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is a mammoth of  a band from Germany,Wight. They play a mix of psychedelic stoner metal/rock with some slow doomy riffs to boot.

The world is a fast moving place, fraight with haste and impatience. Wouldn’t it be nice, if at least occasionally the rotation of this earth would decelerate? Wight provide a soundtrack for this: with playful, atmospherical slow-motion tunes they celebrate an authentic black sabbath which makes even the beelzebub himself turn trippy-psychedelic. Just like a cathedral, their epic sound rises aloft. But do not fear: Just (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Cherry Overdrive

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Chery Overdrive. They are an all female psychedelic garage band. They hail from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Danish all girl garage-psych rockers Cherry Overdrive has a long and persistent history of hard working and do-it-yourself attitude, integrity and a lot of live experience which over the years has made them fairly recognized outside their native country Denmark.

Cherry Overdrive was formed during fall 2003 in Copenhagen by Swedish guitarist Cecilia Cresso (Drivers, Harry Lime), drummer Jeanne Dahl-Mikkelsen, Brazilian bass player Jirasol Pereira and singer/guitarist Lene Kjær Hvillum (The Davolinas, Fuzz Manta). The girls had their live debut on 1st may 2004, soon followed by their first tour in Germany in fall 2004 and the band released their first ep, “Sharks” also in 2004. Two songs from this ep were released in Germany on the split single “Cherry Overdrive meets Mandragora Lightshow Society” (Swamp Room Records, 2005). The band has continuously toured Germany several times a year ever since. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Organic is Orgasmic

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Today’s new band to burn one to is Organic is Orgasmic. They are an ambient psychedelic rock band. There isn’t much in the way of a bio at the moment. The band has just set up shop with a few tunes on Myspace and are promising a full length release this May.The band features Kamille from The Grand Astoria. Right now there are two songs up for listen and if you like, FREE download. “Fuji Dance” is real cool, it’s has an oriental sound to it which isn’t something that you hear all to often. The tracks are uplifting, relaxing and mesmerizing. Check them out and look for their full length in May.

MySpace profile

New Band To Burn One To – Mothership

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Today’s New Band To Burn One to is a heavy and hard rocking band from Texas. They are Mothership.

Mothership is a tasty combination of 60’s and 70’s blues infused style riffs, teamed with the blistering guitar solos of the late 70’s and early 80’s, a rare 3 piece smelt of super sonic Hard Rock and Blues.

Kyle and Kells formerly of BRAKE VEGAS a fast rock n roll band out of Dallas,TX who have toured the country, played with countless big name acts, set attendance records, and were featured in Classic Rock Magazine out of the UK, have teamed up with their father John or “Big J” on drums, the man who’s knowledge of music is limitless and his vinyl collection will swallow yours whole. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To/Review – The Five Tones

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is The Five Tones.

With each passing day the Black Keys get bigger and bigger. With that there’s a lot of bands that are following on The Black Keys’ coat tails. Very few of those are actually good enough to stand on their own and out of the shadows of The Black Keys. One such band is The Five Tones.Hailing from Tennessee, They howl at you with some giant blues rock riffs. Their EP titled Episode I: Tennessee was recently released to the public digitally through CD Baby (link below). Physical CDs are a few weeks away. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Hobosexual

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Hobosexual.

First off I’d like to thank The Number of the Blog for writing about these guys. A good choice.

Though Hobosexual was formed in 2009, Seattle has loved Ben Harwood’s brand of rock-n-roll for years. Having shred his way through Vindaloo and Iceage Cobra, Ben has landed solidly with Hobosexual. Combining his talents in composition and an undeniable need to feed rock’s fire, Ben creates heavy music that is ambitious and infectious. Unhinged live shows are the key to Hobosexual’s magic. Ben and drummer Jeff Silva are seasoned players worthy the attention they demand.

New Band To Burn One To – Jovontaes

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Jovontaes

Like some instrumental psychedelic rock? Look no further than Kentucky’s own Jovontaes. Give the Myspace a whirl and download a few free tracks from their Bandcamp page. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – (drama)

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Today’s New Band To Bun One To is (drama)

(drama) was founded as a three piece band in the late spring of 2004 .

Completing the line up with the second guitar and vocals, the band began playing live and creating songs for the demo which was recorded mid-2006 . (more…)

New Band To Burn To – The Stella Frays

The New Band To Burn One To today is The Stella Frays

As also seen on Heavy Planet

The Stella Frays first got together in March of 2008. Lead singer and guitar player Stuart Cook first had the idea to form a band to give voice to the myriad songs that he held inside his head. He was soon joined by Gareth Hughes on bass and backing vocals and with the newest addition, the crazy Tub-thumper Jim, The Stella Frays were complete. All the members have had success with other musical projects and each brought a unique influence to the group. Their debut album Stand was released on the 16th of November 2009, backed by a distribution deal with Native and Universal Records. Since forming they have elicited a phenomenal response from all those who have heard them play and garnered a solid musical following. As exciting as 2009 has been and anticipating an even better year in 2010. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Infernal Overdrive

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Infernal Overdrive

Infernal Overdrive is a heavy rock and roll band formed in early 2008 when Marc Schleicher (fmr. Quintaine Americana, Cracktorch, Antler, Liquor tricks) of Allston , Mass. started jamming with Mike Bennett (fmr. Loud Earth) in Red Bank. Soon they got Rich Miele (fmr. Loud Earth) on board playing second lead guitar. After a Spinal Tap-like run of bassists they have added Keith Schleicher to the band on bass. Their sound is a combination of their classic influences such as Led Zeppelin, Blue Cheer, Cactus, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd and newer heavy bands like Kyuss, Nebula, Soundgarden, STP,QOTSA and Monster Magnet. Check out their debut EP released in June 2010 engineered/produced by Andrew Schneider at Translator Audio!!! .. (more…)

New Band To Burn One To – Ancient Warlocks

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Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Ancient Warlocks

One of the things I do when I find a new band is I look at their social network pages and see who they’re friends with, what other bands they’re playing with, etc. While fiddling around on reverbnation the other day I came across a kick ass band from Seattle, WA. They are the Ancient Warlocks. Their sound is some great tuned down stoner rock. I detect bits of Kyuss, Firestone and Truckfighters with plenty of stoner and psychedelic riffs through out. Currently the don’t have any music available for purchase but that will soon change. They will have a limited edition 7″ out in the spring and are currently in talks with some labels about releasing a full length. You can hear some demos on their Reverbnation, Myspace and Facebook page’s to hold you over until them. 2011 may turn out to be the year o Ancient Warlocks. (more…)