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Daily Bandcamp

DAily Bandcamp Album – Rokeville by The Columbines

This one is a bit different but fucking cool. The band The Columbines is from Chicago. they play some wicked blues rock mixed with a bit of old school outlaw country and even some rock-a-billy. Think of it as Chicago’s version of Five Horse Johnson.

“The Columbines arrived with a splash, riding a flaming wicker bunny that fell from the sky into the icy waters of Lake Michigan. They play songs about love, songs about anger, songs about angry love and lovely anger, songs with birds, bees, cars, trains, and planes, songs about the devil you know and the devil you don’t.”

Daily Bandcamp Album – Blue Venus by Venus Blue

Rock n’ roll.

“You can hear everyone from Blue Cheer to the Stooges, early Pentagram, and smatterings of hardcore punk. Venus Blue describe themselves as a band with a “unique sound” that “boggles the mind”. They’re not wrong.”
-Chybucca Sounds

Daily Bandcamp Album – Salvation by Desert Lord

Desert Lord are a stoner sludge/doom metal band from Helsinki. They have 2 track EP available with is FUCKING Kick ass. Heavy and gruffy vocals mixed with some crushing instruments make for a highly enjoyable listen.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Calling All Demons by Moonless

There’s worse places to start, than to play your debut show opening for Japanese serial-killer obsessed CHURCH OF MISERY. Then again, since MOONLESS also later on did gigs with SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM and UFOMAMMUT and are about to unleash their brilliant debut on DOOMENTIA, one could say this was just a beginning…
The band started in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2008 by people who cut their teeth in the local punkscene throughout the 00’s in bands such as No Hope For The Kids, Hjertestop, Amdi Petersens Armé and Village Idiot. People in the know will acknowledge these were important bands helping to put Denmark back on the international map of underground music.

‘Calling All Demons’ is accompanied by mindblowing coverart by Tue S. and the songs on this debut album are nothing short of a triumph, ready to step up at the top of the mountain of bodies that used to be called the stoner scene. It’s both old school yet fresh sounding slow bonecrushin’ rock’n’roll. Pure primal testosterone sludge done the right way, the MOONLESS way.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Shepard – Demonstration 2


The Shepherd Propaganda:
1. Make EVIL music.
2. Destroy The Corporation.
3. Deploy stealthy EVIL theta waves which spread our message of doom.

Yes, we’re recruiting.

Instrumental doom metal. Thick and bassy.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Gift Horse – Mountain of Youth

“Filled with heavy, exploding drum beats and a magical, ethereal blending of guitar, bass, and keys, Gift Horse has the ability to draw you in, capture your mind, and compel your imagination. Their songs carry menacing undertones and floating vocals that at once pick you up and mellow you out. Each melody offers a climax, backed by raging cymbals, which give way to atmospheric organ tones preparing you for the next climax and back around again.” – The Silver Tongue

I tell you thise is different and pretty fricking sweet. Think Weird Owl, meets Hopewell meets The Main Street Gospel. That’s kinda what Gift Horse’s sound is all about. Nice psychedelics and shoegaze wrapped up into one trippy ball.

Daily Bandcamp Album – The Longer The Beard The Harder The Sound by Gandhi’s Gunn

The hard, strong sound impact of the Genoese (Italy) band, Gandhi’s Gunn (Hobo, vocals; Scazzi, guitar; Maso, bass; Andrea, drums), is intensely inspired by the forcible sound of the first American Stoner Rock undercurrent, such as Corrosion of Conformity, Fu Manchu and Clutch, while frequently exploring more visionary and psychedelic territories.

Considered a point of reference on the Italian Stoner Rock scene, Gandhi’s Gunn have had two years of intense live activity on stage with bands of worldwide fame such as Church of Misery (Japan), Los Natas (Argentina), Acid King (USA), Atomic Bitchwax (USA), 16 (USA), Nadja (Canada), Amen Ra (Belgium) and Clutch (USA) & more.

The Longer The Beard The Harder The Sound was released less than  week ago.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Countach – Countach!

Google Translate foolishly translates their little bio to:

This group Vitoria only be described as unstable. Have been renamed so many times that finances have been lost track and can finally collect the black concert. This has turned around their careers and now they decidios to do something with their fucking lives. This is what has gone.

Ok, the translation is a bit fucked but who cares, we’re talking music here. You see and feel with your ears. The band is Countach and this is their EP Countach!. The stream is only 4 songs. There’s 7 total but you have to dish out 1 euro. Just one!

Daily Bandcamp Album – Bonejackal – Rocket City Riot

Bonejackal plays rock and roll, no vocals, just raw to the nerve UFO rock and roll. Heavily influenced by classic rock the trio also blends elements of early psychedelic acts such as Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath and the proto-punk sounds of the Stooges, and the MC5.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Product0 – Product2 Sesiones Desiertas

Here’s some nice droney doomy psychedelic music with some electronic and fuzzy moments.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Born To Hula – Tales of Love

One could say that the sound is reminiscent of QOTSA and mister Bjork, but this rediscovery of the scene is certainly no simple copy. Rather, it approaches it in new ways, celebrating groove rock, blues vibes and rhythm n’ drive in the process. This comes across in a
really visceral way.

Born to Hula present their 2nd official release, “Tales of Love”. Not as hard as “Sunrise Radio”, yet the same struggle of mind and feeling remains on this kamasutra-fuzz record. Another step in the entwining of instrumentation and messaging. Serious? Maybe. Never sure, but always aware! Eight songs for your aural pleasure. Some instrumental and relaxed. Others angry and bittersweet. All, simple and to the point. To be yourself is what they need. Viscerally, the notes try to reach you, to echo your emotion. Not trying to say something new, but confirm what is already there. Not trying to make something new, but make you feel, again. Things happen that are worth turning into music, and some of them are here. That is all! A kind of fun you need to have around. A tantra you’ll never forget!

Daily Bandcamp Album – Colosseum by Buried Sleeper

Buried Sleeper are a doom metal band from the UK. Slow played, drawn out and down tuned is their specialty. This is an album that you can really get into, groove your head along to the beat and get lost up in the moment with.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Black West – Lonely Crowd

Lonely Crowd is heavy and aggressive. The riffs groove and the drumming is addictive. Many times I found myself in the role of air drumming to this album. “Think Fast” and “Black Cloud” are 2 standout tracks that I found myself doing this to. The album doesn’t give up either. It’s full on balls to the wall from start to finish. There is no slow or sappy songs to break up the flow. It flows real nicely from start to finish. This album is pretty aggressive to begin with so you may not be able to get all the way through it if you’re to weak. Listen for yourself on the player below but be warned, it’s not for the feint of heart.

Daily Bandcamp Album – The Moon Mistress – Silent Voice Inside

Ugly ritual lo-fi Doom, inspired by our Moon Mistress. The fathomless and eternal flame-coloured eyes of Goddess look at us. Pray Her.

Currently only a few tracks are up for streaming but the entire album kicks some major ass. While the majority of the album is instrumental, the highlight lies within its bone crushing, face melting and spine tingling riffs. It’s huge, it’s massive, it’s everything that embodies doom metal.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Jupiter – EP2012

Here’s some fuzzed out blues rock from Helsinki, Finland. Bits of classic rock and some jam band elements round out a really really nice entry.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Pirrama – Pirrama EP

Started in 2004 the mighty Pirrama took the world by storm with their debut E.P and then took a rest waiting for when the world is ready to be saved again from bad music. That time is now, Pirrama is readying their first full length album and it’s going to rip your face off and Sh*t down your neck!

Boyd Moore – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Simon Chandler – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Drums – Cock

Daily Bandcamp Album – 4/20 Edition

Well it’s that time of the year again. It’s the stoner holiday, the infamous 4/20. There are many stories to it’s origin. No one really knows for sure where 4:20 came from but who cares? I don’t. Man. So, light up a fatty, roll your phatest fatty you can, inhale and relax to these awesome stoner tunes. Pass the chips man.

Blue Snaggletooth are a self-proclaimed Psychedelic D&D Rock band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. This four-piece psychedelic proto-metal ensemble is heavily influenced by the sounds of Black Sabbath and Hawkwind, while they use their turn at the mic to paint aural pictures not unlike Frank Frazetta and Larry Elmore. (Review) (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – Black Black Black – Self Titled

Here’s some dark and heavy toner rock with some doom elements.

Daily Bandcamp Alum – The Fuzz – The Sting

Two dudes making swinging garage rock. It’s loud but dance-able. Your toes will tap tap and your head will bang. It’s The Fuzz.

Daily Bandcamp Album – King Hiss – Demo

These all-star rockers try to find the perfect balance between heavy riffing, sticky choruses and groovy rhythms. King Hiss takes inspiration from bands such as Red Fang, Fu Manchu, Corrosion of Conformity and Only Living Witness, just to name a few. Demo out now!

Yeah, this is good. It reminds me of a mix between Brain Police and Spiritual Beggars.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Agnosis – A Painful Pattern

New York City doom metal titans AGNOSIS have reunited and are preparing to release their first new music since 2005. Agnosis features original members Austin Lunn and Andrew Jude (of pysch doom cult Archon) alongside the new addition of drummer A. Lundr, founder of Seidr and the cult American black metal band Panopticon.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Dust Angel – Demo CD

DUST ANGEL was formed by guitarist Paul Cripple (of Reagan Youth) and vocalist Madame St. Beatrice. With Mikey “Three Fingers” Agrovator on drums and Malik Panther on bass they played their first gig 12/4/11.

Now DUST ANGEL has recorded six, sexy new songs for your listening pleasure. Though they’re demos, they’re a great representation of DUST ANGEL’s sound

Daily Bandcamp Albums – Friday The 13th Edition

Friday the 13th is a sort of taboo day. The superstitious type think anything that is bad can and will happen to them on this day. I call it bullshit but it’s also a great excuse to feature 13 great doomy, dark and eerie albums for the day. Each of these 13 albums could be the soundtrack to any horror/slasher movie. So, here they are, in no particular order with their crushing and coma inducing albums.

13: Love Sex Machine – Love Sex Machine: Love Sex Machine deliver the goods with bone chilling and crushing riffs.


Daily Bandcamp Album – Misty Morning – Saint Shroom

The vocals hark the snarling mushroom and are the listener’s guide throughout the increasingly varied sonic landscapes. The architecture pleasingly reminisces. There are some classic Electric Wizard infused riffs on display but they take turns with some heavy metal classicism and some almost cheeky glam synths on the first track. Not to mention the Wino-esque guitar work on ‘Jellotron’. A section of some Type O Negative goodness appears on both tracks and really demonstrates the ability of Misty Morning who appear to be able to turn their hands to any sort of sound.

Though at times the influences do jostle for position and can seem quite crowded within what Misty Morning are attempting to do, they have the ability to gather these influences and to present them in this frenetic yet solid way that convinces me of their skill. (review)