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Current Rotation

Current Rotation – 5/3/2012

Born To Hula have recently released a new album titled Tales of Love. I like this album because of the diversity. I remember with their last release all I could help but think was Queens of the Stone Age. I still think that with this album big time but it appears they’ve reached down and pulled a little Jimi Hendrix and other late 60’s, early 70’s psych rock in. There seems to be a little ode to Songs For The Deaf in the beginning of song 3, “No Regret” with the tuning of the radio to a station before the song starts. Tales of Love isn’t as heavy as their previous release but rocks out pretty hard. The desert rock like tunes keep you moving and grooving to the beat from start to finish. Look for a vinyl release this coming October.


Current Rotation 4/4/2012

I’ve been sitting on this one longer than I care to admit. It certainly would’ve wound up in my top 20 list of 2011 had I listened to it right away. My apologies to the band for not getting to it sooner. Better late than never I guess. The Crown That Wears The Head was released late last year on vinyl. Certainly now strangers to these pages, Hong Faux belt out yet another winner in their first full length following a demo and an EP release. The album is a lot mellower compared to a lot of albums we’ve been covering lately but there’s nothing tame about Hong Faux.There’s a lot of great and memorable riffs, especially my favorite track, “Bad City Blues.” While this album is not a real “fuzzed out” album, it does have some moments for fans of the fuzz. At times I was reminded of The Truckfighters’ Mania album. “Jack of Clubs” has a killer solo to close out the track followed by “Sparrow Hills” which is somewhat of a roller coaster in terms of tone. Still though, it’s a killer track. (more…)

Current Rotation 3/18/2012

The Forest And The Trees by The Gingerdead Men is a heavy stoner metal album with a little sludge flavor throughout. While the vocals are easily sung and understandable, there are some high pitched screams and yelling that is often associated with sludge music. It certainly adds to the otherwise excellent music.The first few times I tried to listen to the album it became nothing more than background music due to other events going on. Once I got a chance to sit down and pay attention to it, it was clear to me that this album is pretty damn good. It’s deep, it’s heavy, at times it can be a little sludgy but over all, the flow is good. The music at times can be harmonious and off the wall. Punk, hard rock, sludge? It’s tough to really tie everything together because when you think the band is going one way, they go the other. This is one album you can really get moving to. You’ll want to start moshing through it too.


Current Rotation 2/16/2012

I love it when bands submit albums for review, especially when I had never heard of the band before. One such case is Love Mound who has been around for a few years already and put out an album in 2005 (Blackbird).

Love Mound also comes highly recommended to me from drummer extraordinaire Kenny Wagner. So upon both the submission ad Kenny’s recommendation, I listened, and listened, and listened. This is another one of those hard rock albums that hooked me right away that my player’s repeat button got stuck. The sound on the album is hard rock with a bit of country and southern rock mixed in for good measure. The Noose, The Tree, And The Desert Sky is a delightful listen from start to finish. It’s full of harmonious (more…)

Bandcamp Recommendations 9/15/2011

Welcome once again to a fun filled rocking Bandcamp Recommendation. We’ve got some killer hard rock’n bands this week to tune in, kick up your feet and enjoy. Throw the bands a little cash while you’re at it too. Good music deserves a good reward. If you can’t give cash, send a 6 pack or two their way.

The first band up is a band called The Rockabones. First Takeis the name of the EP. Their sound is a heavy southern rock. It can best be compared to early Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned.


Current Rotation 4/28/2011

Happy Easter everyone. Welcome again to another Current Rotation. The following albums have been in my listening rotation for a little while now and I figured it was about time I share them with you.

The first album I’ve been enjoying for a few months now. The band is Domo and this is their self titled album. The band hails from France. They play some awesome instrumental psychedelic rock. There are some long and blistering tracks on this album that average around 8 1/2 minutes long but include some 11 and 14 minute tracks as well. The grand opus though is the massive 24 minute last track. These french bands really know how to get shit done. You can sample a few tracks on their Facebook and Myspace pages. If you want to get your own, email the band with the address provided on their Facebook page.


Current Rotation 3/9/2011

It’s been awhile but here is my current rotation. These are some of the things that I’ve been listening to as of late.

Tanks were recently featured as a New Band To Burn One To. At that time they were about to release their debut EP, Tracks. Shortly afterward it was released as streaming only at the band’s Bandcamp site. It has since been released in physical form on CD through the Memphis Hates You label.

I’m pretty pleased with what I hear. The EP is 22 minutes of punk, heavy and sometimes noise rock. There isn’t much on the CD insert but it seems as if it could have been recorded live in the studio. Either way, it sounds real good.

Current Rotation 1/16/2011

Welcome to my Current Rotation. I’ve decided to let you know about what I’ve been listening lately.

1-10’s (pronounced one through ten) This is their 2010 EP that I finally got a chance to listen to. While this EP is only 4 songs, it packs quite a punch. Their sound is like Dirty Sweet and to a lesser degree, Wolfmother. They just released a full length a few weeks back which I look forward to listening to. Both can be heard at their Bandcamp page.

Get this album from Bandcamp (more…)

Current Rotation 01/09/2011

Well, it’s been far too long since the first installment of this feature. In the past month and a half, I’ve continued to obsess over the same bands as before, but I’ve also managed to add even more to this list. I’d be tempted to say it’s been an overload of music, but I don’t believe it is possible to overload. Either way, here’s my second post in this latest feature and the first Current Rotation post for 2011. It’s a goodun’. The following 5 bands have all given us amazing releases for 2010. It’s no wonder that we here at The Soda Shop have been completely blown away for the last 12 months and counting. (more…)

Current Rotation: 11/30/2010

Since this is the first installment of my new feature, perhaps I should introduce it. As we at The Soda Shop are constantly finding new music to be addicted to and rediscovering old favorites. Instead of selfishly keeping my listening pleasures secret, I decided I should share with the world. I’m still unsure of how frequent these features will be. I expect they may be posted bi-weekly or monthly. (more…)