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Introducing… Prisma Circus

Official Bio:

“Prisma Circus first came to be in late 2010 as the creation of Alex Carmona Blanco (drums) and Joaquin Escudero Arce (bass/vocals) in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Although the acid rock band had an incomplete line up, they decided to continue working and recording an opening EP. With the help of friends (Jordi Rodriguez Gallego, Aureli Rubio Panades and Oscar Garcia Albizu) guitar tracks were added to the EP to complete the sound. Oscar Garcia Albizu (guitar) later joined as a permanent addition to the band.
Prisma Circus, inspired by the 60’s and 70’s psychedelic rock era, uses the lyrics as tales to introduce the instrumental music. Heavy riffs, loud drums, blues-filled bass lines, and fuzzy-wah guitar solos all insure to set the psychedelic mood in every track.
Currently Barcelona’s trio is planning to work on the road and record a full length album later this year.”


Introducing… The Kamals

Official bio:

The Kamals are a 5-piece rock n’ soul band hailing from Oklahoma City, OK. They are comprised of a group of close friends all with strong musical backgrounds. The idea of the group actually coming together wasn’t realized until some casual jamming between recording sessions at Old Dog Records around August of 2011. Seeing as how all members were highly experienced playings shows and writing music in other outfits (not to mention they have been jamming together for over 5 years), they decided to pool their resources together and try something new. With everyone having nearly the same base influences and a collective idea of what they wanted to do, it wasn’t hard for the group to come up with a diversified set they could play live, playing with the likes of The Trading Co., The Black Jack Gypsys, Jonathon Tyler and the Northern Lights, and Bright Light Social Hour. River Myers, Trey Allen, Zak Kaczka, Loren Williams, and Brad Nance are still recording and writing their own material, with a debut E.P. released in (more…)

Introducing… Midnight Ghost Train

Official Bio:

On August 1st 2007, John Goff was pronounced dead. He died in his small house in Abilene, Kansas from a severe asthma attack. This was the influential event that caused John’s best friend Steve Moss, to start The Midnight Ghost Train, as a eulogy to John. “Something had to be done,” Steve says. “John’s memory and life has to be remembered in some way.” Moss then moved to his hometown Buffalo, New York with a plan to start a band, record a record, and go on tour. This was the idea and the drive that fueled The Midnight Ghost Train’s engine. (more…)

Introducing… Wolverine Blues

Stonezilla from Ethereal Riffian sends along a promo video of his other band, Wolverine Blues. “Here is a live promo of 2 songs from our debut album recorded and filmed @ Zvukoceh Studio in Kiev.” The sound is fucking fantastic. It’s 50% blues, 50% stoner rock and 110% going to kick your ass when the whole thing is finished and released. Until then though, you’ll have to do with the video.


The band was formed with members of Ethereal Riffian, Bluesbreaker and Woundead, fall 2011. In march 2012 was recorded live set @ Zvukoceh studio in Kiev – promo of 2 songs from debut album which will be released this summer. (more…)

Introducing… Doctor Cyclops

Here’s a juicy one for you. The band is Doctor Cyclopes. They’re a 70’s based psych blues band. Think Graveyard and even a little Siena Root.

Official Bio:

Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-style power trio playing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound, eldest son of glorious Balck Sabbath and of other more underground heroes from the 70ies and early 80ies such as Truth and janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Witchfinder General. Even later and more modern references are warm-vintage style ones: Witchcraft, Firebird, Cathedral, Spiritual Beggars just to say some. (more…)

Introducing… Black Banner Dovichenko


Black Banner Dovichenko is a bit character in the book Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. We stole his name and used it for our band.

Formed sometime in the first half of 2010-Black Banner Dovichenko is a Stoner Rock/Desert Metal band from Phoenix Arizona consisting of three members: Claire Griese on Drums, Nikolai Votichenko on Guitar and Vocals, and Jonathan Roberts on Bass. Each musician brings a different experience and understanding of music to the project which mixes elements of thrash-metal, funk, Seattle style grunge, and blues.

Introducing… Voodoo Pistols

The voodoo story .. .
At the foot of a giant cactus, in the baking heat of a desert plain , on the sand gnarled earth , lay a Gibson les paul. A guitar with a soul. Nobody knows how long it had been laying there, absorbing the subtle tones of the desert, some say it grew out of the desert itself. Spawned from tumbling heat that could evaporate men’s souls. All we truly know is that a man called Nas found it. Gripped by it’s esoteric aura he began to play the new sound. But this was not the only thing lurking in the sand that fatefull day, for as the Gibson was lifted from it’s cactus throne it unearthed a huge artifact made of cow skins and wood, a primative kick drum of some sort. The ancient instrument was lifted out by Al who quickly mastered it’s exotic sound. With the (more…)

Introducing… The Janitors


The Janitors give love to noise, monotony and pop songs and mainly consist of two people in love with darker side of the 80´s with heroes like LoOp, Spacemen 3 and JAMC.

The Janitors were originally born during a night of heavy drinking in the southern outskirts of Stockholm. Raised by wolves until the age of two they then, like Mowgli, went back to the bright lights of the big city and forgot about their upbringing. Eventually The Janitors got fed up with everyday life and fueled by folköl and an uncontrollable urge to hiss and make noise they went running back into the woods. And now, here they are again.

Links: (more…)

Introducing… Wolfshead


We are Wolfshead. We are a hard rock band from Fleet, Hampshire, UK. We like to smash hard rock and doom together to create a delightful noise we like to call Garage Doom – high energy, groove, and screaming fuzzed-up riffs melting together amidst a blaze of burning rage. Imagine the sound of The Hellacopters, Goatsnake, Red Fang, and High on Fire, piled up in a stolen muscle car with Dopesmoker blasting out of the stereo, being driven into a brick wall at 100 miles per hour: a sonic explosion of colossal magnitude. Listen to our EP ‘Wolfshead’ and tell us you agree.

We formed in the Autumn of 2010 simply to jam hard rock tunes. Beer was consumed, wine was consumed, music was consumed: the resulting excretion is four tracks of Garage Doom so joyous we saw fit to grace them with the same name as our band. Because we’re imaginative like that. (more…)

Introducing… Speedy Ortiz

Speedy Ortiz. we’re a western massachusetts-based, female-fronted, guitar-heavy four piece. RIYL: pavement, helium, built to spill, Liz Phair.

I’m going to have to go out on a limb here and say I really like their sound. They’re not ball crushing heavy sludge or even have the latest hint of stoner rock but their music is very satisfying. It’s female front rock with some nice fuzzed out guitars that implement elements of shoegaze, a little garage rock and a dash of pop. (more…)

Introducing… Vile Red Falcons

Since 2008, Vile Red Falcons have been descending upon the Northwest to deliver a new yet familiar breed of riff based rock. They make a bold sonic statement with churning over driven guitars and a bass and drum combo so solid and heavy that they make their own gravity. Drawing heavily on groups like Soundgarden, AC/DC, and Queens of the Stone Age the Vile Red Falcons put on an energy filled live show that is sure to please. Guitarist and singer John Beidel belts out lyrics that are full of attitude, unashamed and truthful. Nate Rich paces the stage wringing unison riffs and moaning wah pedal sounds from his guitar while James Bench and Kevin Kildun issue forth a torrent of pulsing bass and solid drums that anchor the (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – Whitcomb – Crown Park

The Band. Whitcomb, though one of Portland, Maine’s newest voices, is comprised of veterans of the local music scene. Formed by Sean Libby and Andy Beavis on guitars, Ryan Fleming on bass, Mark Sayer on drums, and vocalist Brant Dadaleares, the band has created something intense and original, both heavy and melodic, with multiple layers of sound.

The Man. The band’s name, as well as Dadaleares’ lyrics, come from the 19th-century poet James Whitcomb Riley. While more famous for writing children’s poetry, personal tragedy caused Riley to descend into alcoholism and madness, and his poetry took a much darker bent. It is from here that Whitcomb pulls their inspiration—perfect for the epic songs the band writes, and testament to the power of art that century-old poetry can impact and influence a heavy rock band to create something of their own.

Introducing… The Horsehead Union

The Horsehead Union Was Formed During The Summer Of 2009 In Jönköping, Sweden.

The Only Goal Was To Make Dirty Rock’n’roll And To Take It One Step Further.

Early 2009 A 5-Track Demo Was Made Which Was Well Received By The Audience And Led To Several Gigs. One Of Them As Warm Up Act To A Sold Out Show With D.A.D.

Introducing… Orthodox Fuzz

Now into their fifth year, Orthodox Fuzz is still bringing a unqiue style of heavy southern rock to the fans of DFW and the surrounding region. Whether its playing to a packed dive bar on a Saturday night or opening for bands such as Kill Devil Hill, Eyehategod, Honky, or Las Cruces – the boys in the Fuzz are always looking earn fans one at a time. If you get a chance to check them out, be sure to bring your earplugs, the Fuzz is loud, really loud and unrelenting. The point of a Fuzz show is to have a good time and be thoroughly rocked!

Formed in the fall of 2007, founding members Brian H.(Hacksaw) and Dale Williams set out to form a band whose style was sorely missed in the DFW rock scene at the time. A riff driven heavy rock band with both classic and modern influence that would excite fans of multiple genres and all ages. After almost 2 years of hard work and multiple early line up changes, the band was complete with the addition of guitarist Joey Grice, The Rev. Brock Brooks on vocals and Christian on drums. Going at it with a vengeance, the band was playing every live show they could and hitting into the (more…)

Introducing… Black On High

Southern sludge with a spin of doom and a hint of thrash

Based out of the DFW area, Black on High consist of four guys on a journey to lay down some low tuned “sabbath” jams and party with as many people as we can. We are very influenced by bands like Kyuss, Sasquatch, DOWN,EYEHATEGOD,Sleep, Corrosion of Conformity, the “ENTIRE” NOLA scene,Pink Floyd, the Sword, and many many others.

FREE tunes from their Facebook/Reverbnation page

Introducing… The Bad Light

As originally found on Stonerobixxx:

The Bad Light is a heavy jam/ blues duo from Santa Cruz, California. “Kinda like RL Burnside and Electric Wizard”. These guys produce a really niche sound with interesting vocals & a constantly driving vibe (think Wooden Shjips). This is slow, dirty swamp rock for those who aren’t afraid of a little psychedelica & repetition. Solid stuff!

Very cool stuff indeed. I found them to sound like a swampy and doomy version of Left Lane Cruiser or Black Diamond Heavies. Perhaps a tad bit of The Black Key to boot. They do have plenty to offer. (more…)

Introducing… Chiefs

There’s no official bio for this band but one isn’t needed. The band is called Chiefs. They hail from Arizona. Their music is heavy desert rock which is reminiscent of the greater area.They have an EP that was released recently that is being given away for free on Bandcamp. It’s heavy and hard hitting desert rock. Fine stuff indeed.



Introducing… Tuco Ramirez

Tuco Ramirez stole thier name from the one and only “ugly” bandit /desperado in the classic Sergio Leone masterpiece –
‘ The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly ‘ But enough about that. This is about US ! … Big, bad southern rock, and 70’s metal – inspired grooves/ riffs / and soul that all comes forth when a certain five desperado rockers come together. A band that rolled the dice and came up lucky enough to find the kind of musical lock that only happens once in a very long time. Personnel – wise, this band happens to be the joining together of two S.F. bay area rock bands.3/5ths SIX LITER, and 2/5ths CANYON CREEP. The 5 came out of semi – retirement and got together to share a few riffs and dirty stories. None had any idea that they would luck into something that is required for a real rock band to work : good, old – fashioned chemistry ! The gel all began in early 2010. (more…)

Introducing… Zombie King

ZOMBIE KING was born in 2008. Soon, the group wants to move in a register stoner-rock, influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Kyuss or Fu Manchu. After a debut album released in 2009, the group chained concerts, making the first part of groups spearheaded by the French stoner scene, or GLOWSUN DISIDENTES LOS DEL MOTEL Sucio. 2011 saw the release of second album, “Son of a witch”, much more rooted in the landscape stoner than its predecessor.
Here’s a story about a french band that are really into The Walking Dead Tv Show that they named their band after a zombie. Ok so that part was made up. Really though, Zombie King are from France. They play stoner rock with a lot of heavy Black Sabbath influenced crushing riffs. The band is female (more…)

Introducing… Beastwood

The band was formed in Casper, Wyoming on September 14th, 2010 by Jeff (drums), Blake (guitars) and Jake (vocals). After forming, developing a heavy practice schedule and writing, the band started playing shows in just under a month of being together. Keeping a steady pace of constantly writing and playing, within 4 months of being together, the band already had shirts being sold, a 3 song demo, a 5 song EP recorded, and numerous shows notched into the bands belt.

Soon after, the then 3 piece made their way into Salt Lake City, Utah to record their first full length album, “Sex Devil”, complete with 12 original songs. Keeping up with their reputation of hard work and quick progress, the band had completed the entire recording process in just 2 days time.

After making their way back into Wyoming, the band immediately went back to writing and playing as many shows as possible. During this time the band also ended their hunt for a bass player when they recruited Tanner to complete the lineup.

The group has been featured on Rock 96.7’s “Locals Only” twice and ASUW’s Student Radio at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming. (more…)

Introducing… Kadavar

One thing is clear, it is impossible to overhear the Black Sabbath influence. Of course the impact of other great and important bands, such as Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind and Witchfinder General can also be heard in the music of this band. This can make you forget that you are actually listening to a contemporary trio from Berlin.

Reading this you could get the impression, that listening to KADAVAR’s music could get boring quite fast, due to the fact that we’ve heard this kind of music before. The good thing about their music is that the sound is converted in such way that the audience notices that blood, sweat and tears have been shed during the process. Music like this can only be played on such high level if one has been through the rough shit that live brings with it sometimes. As an audience we are automatically faced with long straight hair, minimum one mustache, a lot of rings on both hands, fur collars and flared trousers.

The Ludwig- Drum set sounds amazingly dry, well it is a Ludwig. Bass and Guitar stand on either side of the stage, building a panorama view, which is great fun over headphones. On the left you get Grease, on the right Fuzz, everything pounds and booms, there’s the double space vocals. It’s easy to be blown away. Superb. (more…)

Introducing… Murcielago

Doug from Gozu gets credit for pointing out this next band to me.

Murcielago has started recording. We have had a couple of days recording at Acadia Recording Co. in Portland. Stay tuned for some tunes.

Portland’s got itself a new rock supergroup: MURCIELAGO.
Named for a bull that wouldn’t die during a bullfight (it’s also spanish for “Bat”), they’re loud as hell and feature guitarists NEIL COLLINS (TWISTED ROOTS, LINCOLNVILLE, ELDEMUR KRIMM) and MATTHEW ROBBINS (KING MEMPHIS), plus bassist NICK LAMBERTO (LOST ON LIFTOFF, RULER OF THE RAGING MAIN), and drummer BRIAN CHALOUX (PIGBOAT). (more…)

Introducing… Mad Shadow

Formed in 2007 and taking their name from the 1970 Mott the Hoople LP, MAD SHADOW worked the Vancouver scene relentlessly, headlining the top clubs and making a name as a solid, vintage-sounding heavy blues band that was guaranteed to put on a stand-up show each and every time they hit the stage. Performances have been known to last up to 4 hours, featuring boatloads of original blues rock, covers you love to hear, covers you’d never expect to hear, and if you’re lucky, perhaps a JAZZ ODYSSEY.

The members of MAD SHADOW show a unique trait among today’s oft-boring music scene. Rather than hit the stage in black T-shirts and play some power chord sequences through solid stage amplifiers, MAD SHADOW has grown to display both virtuosity and free-flowing improvisational abilities during the course of a performance, which results in a shocking display of musical cohesion. ERIK OLUFSON’s stratospheric vocal capabilities have melted many an unsuspecting mind. BUDDY LINDGRIN has shown tens of thousands of people that bass can be more than a background instrument. DANIEL JAMES has really, really good tone.

In mid-2010, original drummer Joshua McDonald suffered a three story fall, and began to question his future as a rock drummer. Leaving later that year, MAD (more…)

Introducing… Avi Dei

This is the story of The Warrior, The Wizard, and The Witch. It begins at the end of another story. A tragic defeat that The Warrior and The Wizard faced together. A quest ending in ruin, but not in death. The Warrior and The Wizard had narrowly escaped with their lives and with humbled souls they carried on. Always aware of their defeat but never dwelling on it.
As their lives went on The Wizard met The Witch and their paths were forever linked. Their powers grew in each other’s presence and so developed the need to expand. In this expansion new crafts were learned and old ones were honed. And with their new craft they had seen a Golden Age on the horizon and they soon realized it was they who would pave the way. Thus a new quest was developed. A quest for The Golden Age. It began as two but they quickly realized that they had read the omens wrong. It was to be three that would be their magick number; three would pave the way. A warrior was needed where they were going and The Wizard knew just where to find one. (more…)