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Classic Album Review – Eldemur Krimm – Dirigo

While the title says “Classic Album Review”, this isn’t a classic album in the same sense as say a Clutch album or say, Deep Purple, Grand Funk, etc. Eldemur Krimm were a band that was destined for something great. Were. Yes, sadly they are no more. They broke up a few years ago. According to some articles found online, they gained some national attention when they made friends with and toured extensively with Devil To Pay.

Dirigo is their only official release. I say official because the band did record a second album but broke up before it’s release. It is available if you look around but not easy to find. And no, don’t ask me where, sorry.

Released in 2003, Dirigo is full of heavy guitars, tight drumming and some cool and interesting lyrics. It’s some fine hard rocking music with hints of blues. Neil Fallon writes some lyrics that make you question what he just said the first time you listen to it. Eldemur Krimm’s lyrics are similar. Lyris like  “you sure look good in gravy” or the song “Quitter” make you question what they were thinking when they wrote it. It’s certainly not a bad thing, in fact, it’s just like a Clutch album, the music as a whole is so fucking good that it all feels normal. It’s riff heavy, the lyrics are catchy, well produced, well mixed and addicting. It’s great music to lose yourself to. Light up, pop a cold one, sit back and enjoy.

The album is gold. Right from the first track “Elephant Gun” all the way to the last, “Crash”. There isn’t a stinker in the whole 47 minutes that this album plays. I kid you not, in the 2 months I’ve owned the album, I’ve listened to the songs a total of 164 times. Pretty impressive for me despite all the other albums I fit in there in between to listen to. This is one of those albums that will stay in constant rotation for a very very long time. Check out their music on their Myspace page and see for yourself. There is no Facebook page, they were done before Facebook exploded into what it is now so Myspace will have to do. Then when you’re done, seek out your own copy of Dirigo, it’ll be worth the find.

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