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Current Rotation 8/27/2011

We have another edition of our Current Rotation. These are albums that have been in constant rotation as of late. Give a read and a listen. There’s some freebies too so pay attention.

Palm Desert, “Born from the dried earth, Raised by the god’s of heat and dust, Made of wild Indian blood, Unchased by the desert flames, feed by the sand drunk of burned fuel, addicted to sun chasing, solarland residents, …the desert… PALM DESERT.” Seemingly formed from the ashes of anything Kyuss related, their 2010 release, Falls of the Wastelandsis a desert rock fans wet dream. The vocals are a bit heavier and harsher than John Garcia but still pack a lot of effective punch. The instruments feel like Scott, Josh and Brant playing. The album grooves and grips you with some furious riffs. Not bad for a band far from Southern California. In fact, Palm Desert are thousands of miles away in Poland.

Trophy Wives first made a name for themselves when they released a split 7″ with The Glasspack. The split came with a digital download card that included not only the track “Firecracker” from the spit but a few other tracks that kicked ass as well. Ever since then I’ve been eagerly awaiting their debut. Well the times has come. Released a little over a week now, Old Scratchis finally here. Old Scratch is an alcohol fueled, hard rocking kick ass with steel toe boots good time. Plenty of hard riffs, groovy licks and memorable lyrics, Old Scratch is one that you set to repeat and don’t dare turn off until the equipment it’s playing on fails. Yeah! No kidding, listen for yourself below then grab your own copy.

Eldorado are from Spain. They play southern hard rock in the same vein as The Black Crowes. Their recently released album, Golden, is everything that The Black Crowes would be like if they were a new act today. Over the years the Crowes lost a little bit and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, Eldorado have picked up that slack and seem to be running with it well. Golden is a great album too. With vocals a bit like Chris Robinson and a less annoying Steven Tyler, vocalist Jesus Trujillo can really belt them out. Golden is a great album and is among one of the better hard releases recently.

Spiral are from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Judging by the amount of albums listed on their Bandcamp page, they are writing and recording machines. They have a lot of material. Their latest release, The Capital In Ruins is an epic progressive rock album with bits of psychedelic here and there. Heavy but yet mellow throughout, The album reminds me a bit of Domes of Silence on LSD. The use of keyboards is a great compliment to the album as it makes it stand out. The Capital In Ruins is huge too. It’s not an album you can get through on a quick run to the store and back, unless of course, you need to drive far or get stuck in lots of traffic. The shortest track is just under 6 minutes, followed by 11, 12 and then two 20+ minute tracks. Listen for yourself. Hell, it’s a free download, grab it for free. The band has some CDs for sale too so if physical media is your thing, they have one waiting for you.

Ready for some good stoner rock? How about FREE? Well June Deville has your cure. Their recently released album, Swan Songs of the Coyote is available for free from the bands website (link below). Swan Songs of the Coyote is full of vicious riffs, heavy bass lines, loud and in your face vocals and some well written songs.


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