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Swedish Sunday – Dead Man

Today marks the 10th week of Swedish Sunday. Time flies by when you have all of this great music surrounding you. As always, we must thank the Swedes for putting out such great music that deserves special recognition. This week’s artist is somewhat of a supergroup like last week’s artist, Greenleaf. Without further ado, I introduce this week’s band out of Örebro, Dead Man.

From Crusher Records‘ band page:

It all started as an experiment in 2003. Four musicians from Örebro, Sweden decided to pool their talents and it didn’t take long before a new band was formed. Soon after, the moniker DEAD MAN was chosen and the band sprung to life. With each member possessing a wealth of musical experience derived from time spent in various Swedish acts (including the hard rock band NORRSKEN, which featured in its ranks current WITCHCRAFT front man Magnus Pelander, GRAVEYARD members Joakim Nilsson and bassist Rikard Edlund and DEAD MAN’s Kristoffer Sjödahl), the band put their psychedelic, folk and hard rock influences into a pot and began to stir. Within a few weeks of forming, the quartet’s intense songwriting chemistry generated a solid set of hard-hitting, memorable songs.

The first result of the brew was a mysterious 7” that started to appear in the record collections of stoner and hippie fanatics worldwide titled Ship Ahoy! / Thousand Mile Stare. The reaction was immediate and music fans (especially those who had already seen the band’s dynamic live performances) began craving more than just the two teasers songs on the already hard-to-find record. With a number of live gigs now under their belts, the next natural step was to start recording a full-length album. So DEAD MAN snuck into the famous Svenska Grammofon Studion (Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Hives) and began to work.

In early 2006, with a fresh set of songs in hand, DEAD MAN was set to release their debut album. Released via Sweden’s Crusher Records, Dead Man was praised by magazines like Rock Hard, Rumore and Metal Hammer, among others. Blending exciting, colorful musicianship with an unforgettable vocal delivery very much like vintage Quicksilver Messenger Service and Jefferson Airplane, the band was described as “a top notch group, one of the very few out there”. The album’s release and the great reviews were followed up by gigs at the best venues in the capitals of Scandinavia.

In mid 2007, DEAD MAN once again entered the studio to record their second album. If their self-titled debut just the eye-opening introduction, DEAD MAN has certainly awakened the slumbering Scandinavian rock scene with Euphoria…While DEAD MAN’s debut album made a huge impact on stoner and progressive rock fanatics, Euphoria will take the band far away from being labeled as an underground band and will establish them as a genuinely great rock band, plain and simple. Euphoria is a psychedelic folk-rock trip brewed together with the essence of darker and heavier sounds.

Kristoffer Sjödahl – guitar, vocals
Johan Rydholm – acoustic guitar, vocals
Joakim Dimberg – bass, vocals
Marcus Allard – drums

Ship Ahoy!/Thousand Mile Stare 7″ (2004)
Crusher Records 

  1. Ship Ahoy!
  2. Thousand Mile Stare

Dead Man (2006)
Crusher Records 

  1. Goin’ Over the Hill
  2. Haunted Man
  3. Mumbo Gumbo
  4. Season of the Dead
  5. Further
  6. Highway
  7. Deep Forest Green

Comparisons can be drawn to Witchcraft, another band who poses the question “What era are these guys from anyway?” But Dead Man is less enamoured with doom and is more prone to folksy moments and Grateful Dead inspired hippy rock amidst their proto-psych jams. And while I’ve never been a fan of the Dead save for a few songs, Dead Man sits well with me. It’s buoyant, feel-good music that places playing and song craft above all else. Sjoedahl’s voice tends to take on a goat-like bleating affectation, but even that doesn’t derail the album…So if you’re in the mood for a modern treat from a past era, look no further than Dead Man. This was an enjoyable album. – John Pegoraro (

Euphoria (2008)
Crusher Records/Meteor City Records 

  1. Today
  2. High or Low
  3. Footsteps
  4. I Must Be Blind
  5. From a Window
  6. Light Vast Corridors
  7. The Wheel
  8. Rest in Peace
  9. A Pinch of Salt
  10. Euphoria
  11. July (CD-only)

But while Dead Man will win no awards for sounding like they’re in a new millennium different from the one they especially love, Euphoria’s a pleasant listen at worst and a fun one at best — no bad thing to be. – Ned Raggett (allmusic)

3 responses

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  2. carmen maki

    hey! what a great album man!
    can you please post the download link for dead man?
    I found one but the rapidshare link was broken …
    I hope you can help me
    greetings from Mexico!


    June 4, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    • Unfortunately, Crusher Records/Dead Man has not released the album for a free download, and we don’t support music piracy. Every download we offer here is authorized by the bands and their labels. However, if you want to download the album and are willing to purchase it, I would suggest getting it off of Amazon or iTunes.

      June 4, 2011 at 5:24 pm

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