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The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

This Saturday on Grip of Delusion Radio betwee 3-5 EST make sure you check out The Soda Shop’s latest Podcast. We used to run a featured called Swedish Sunday where we would feature a different Swedish band. From time to time we would venture a little bit out of the country into neighboring countries and the feature would be called Scandinavian Sunday. This Saturday it returns. We once again pay tribute to some of the great bands in Podcast form. Make sure you tune in and listen! Fet!

01 Switch Opens – “Express Death” from Switch Opens (2009)
02 Noctum – “Mistress” from The Seance (2010)
03 Dozer – “Born A Legend” from Through The Eyes of Heathens (2005)
04 Blowback – “Dead Mans Blues” from Eight Hundred Miles (2009) (more…)


Swedish Sunday – Black Bonzo

…And Sunday comes afterwards. Yes, folks, today is Sunday. This means, of course, that we here at The Soda Shop take a detour to the Scandinavian country of Sweden, a well-known hotbed of some of today’s best music. Much like the last few weeks, today’s feature is another relatively unknown band (to me, at least), Black Bonzo. This retro rock/progressive rock band is from Skellefteå, and will probably go down as one of my favorite accidental discoveries.

From their bio:

In the winter of 2003 Black Bonzo was formed from the ashes of the 8-piece psychedelic rock group Gypsy Sons Of Magic. The first 6 month the band practiced 24 hours a day in their rehearsal room in Skellefteå, Sweden. They worked really hard trying to find a sound of their own and getting the mood right for the songs. Soon after that a demo was produced with 17 songs. This demo somehow reached the B&B Records office who liked the music so much that they signed Black Bonzo to their label.

In the begining of 2004 Black Bonzo started to record the debut album at the classic analog studio Rumble Road Studios, in Skellefteå. In late march the recording, mixing and mastering was finished and in July the record was released. (more…)

Scandinavian Sunday – Cherry Overdrive

Welcome to our Scandinavian Sunday feature. This weeks feature is an all girl band who sing some fine garage rock. Here’s the bio via their website:

Danish all girl garage-psych rockers Cherry Overdrive has a long and persistent history of hard working and do-it-yourself attitude, integrity and a lot of live experience which over the years has made them fairly recognized outside their native country Denmark.

Cherry Overdrive was formed during fall 2003 in Copenhagen by Swedish guitarist Cecilia Cresso (Drivers, Harry Lime), drummer Jeanne Dahl-Mikkelsen, Brazilian bass player Jirasol Pereira and singer/guitarist Lene Kjær Hvillum (The Davolinas, Fuzz Manta). The girls had their live debut on 1st may 2004, soon followed by their first tour in Germany in fall 2004 and the band released their first ep, “Sharks” also in 2004. Two songs from this ep were released in Germany on the split single “Cherry Overdrive meets Mandragora Lightshow Society” (Swamp Room Records, 2005). The band has continuously toured Germany several times a year ever since.


Swedish Sunday – Switch Opens

It’s yet another Sunday, and that means my weekend is coming to a close, and I will find myself in the bowels of Hell in less than 24 hours. It also means Swedish Sunday. This week’s featured artist is from Stockholm and is a little different from my normal features. Switch Opens started off as a stoner rock band as Fingerspitzengefühl but are now more progressive and doom. It left me impressed enough to make them today’s featured artist. (more…)

Swedish Sunday – The Soulshake Express

Welcome back to Swedish Sunday. Today’s band is a band that I discovered a while back and is deserving of the spotlight for the week, The Soulshake Express. They hail from Karlstad, Sweden.

From Last.FM

The band started out in the late summer of 2003. David, Marcus and Robert had been fooling around for a while with some old blues songs with David behind the drums. With higher ambitions the three decided to ask their mutual friend Joakim to handle the drums. With David on lead guitar and vocals, The Showdowns was born. Starting out with some song material that David had, the band soon had a good idea of what they wanted their sound to be like. With influences from blues and rock n roll they started to develop their own style of “bouncy” rock. A new member recently joined the band. With Martin Hammar helping out on organs and percussions the band has established a strong name as The Soulshake Express in the underground scenes and are now on a mission to shake your souls! (more…)

Swedish Sunday – Thalamus

It’s yet another Sunday, the day before the work week begins and the last chance at some peace in your world. It’s also the day that we bring you a band from Sweden that you may or may not have heard of. Today’s band is a band I discovered early last year. To date, they’ve released one full length and an EP with another full length coming up. Well, I’ll let them tell you a little more… (more…)

Swedish Sunday – Witchcraft

This week’s feature is a band that I hold in high regards and is a bad that I have a history with. This band was the third show I saw live, and it was the first band I saw in a small venue. It was an amazing experience and one that really set off my love affair for live shows, especially those in dark, small bars. They are the first and only Swedish band I have seen live to date. They are the influential doom metal/rock band from Örebro, Witchcraft. (more…)