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BLACK TUSK Confirmed For Metallica’s Orion Music + More Festival

 North American Tour Kicks Off Today 

Savannah, Georgia’s BLACK TUSK have confirmed that they will be appearing at the inaugural “Orion Music + More Festival” curated by Metallica. The festival will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey at Bader Field on June 23rd and June 24th. BLACK TUSK will be playing on Saturday January 23rd. More information on the festival can be found on the official “Orion Music + More Festival” Website, Facebook Page and Twitter. (more…)

The Soda Shop Needs Help

As Jake posted on Facebook a few days ago, we’re looking for help. Him and I focus a lot on the rock side of things and we tend to neglegt the doom and sludge portion. Because of that we’re looking for a contributor or two to help add give those two other genres a little bit more exposure. Here is what we’re looking for:

Some writing experience preferred but not required. Please submit a few samples of your work. Samples may be cut and paste into an email, a URL or any other form.

We’re looking for people passionate about the doom and sludge genres of music. If you don’t absolutley love doom and sludge then still feel free to submit but keep in mind that doom and sludge is out top priority.

Must have both a Facebook and WordPress account. Knowledge of both also required. No HTML experience required but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Contributors will be required to review doom and sludge albums and post the reviews on The Soda Shop blog and post links on The Soda Shop Facebook page. Whenever possible, post about doom and sludge related news onto the blog and Facebook page. Keep in mind, this is more or less done in your spare time. You put in what time you can and contribute as much as you can. We aren’t looking for someone that’s going to post something once every few months, please don’t bother if you’re that type.

Now this doesn’t pay money. We’re all as broke as the next person. We can pay you by giving you our thanks and from time to time, free music. Look at it as more of a way to unleash some of your creative side. We’re not as big as Rolling Stone so we don’t see they type of traffic and submissions they do. Perhaps with your help though we can get there.

After all that your still interested, well send an email to with your name and samples.