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Micro-review Fest, 2012: 5 doom/stoner bands, including Badr Vogu, Pelican, 16, Elder and Low Gravity!

Self-described as Blues/ Death Metal/ Ghettotech, from Oakland, CA, Bädr Vogu and their long player, Exitium, are a second generation Cough (who, it could be argued, are a second-generation Electric Wizard); now, while I love me some Cough and EW, Bädr Vogu don’t quite hit those standards:  the drums are a bit stiff, the death-growl vocals seem a bit forced… but overall, at jet engine volume, this is a pretty rocking collection of tunes, particularly “Slumlord Blues,” with its lurching, evil blues….

Next: having written previously about Pelican’s riffs here, their vinyl (more…)

Review: Lomera – Self-titled EP

Adapted from Sludge Factory

Starting with an earth shattering bass line reminiscent of Electric Wizard in their Dopethrone days, Lomera will instantly grab you by the balls and throw you into a brick wall of sound. The opening track from their self-titled EP is called Hail The Storm which wastes no time in getting to the point. Most bands under the tag of ‘stoner rock’ will base their song writing structure around their ability to provide the listener with lengthy extended jams which recycle the same guitar riffs over and over but not this 5-peice from Sydney, Australia.

No Way But The River might not have as much brutal riffage but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality. This is definitely the track which earns this band their ‘stoner’ tag. The groove laden bass lines and powerhouse drumming from the rhythm section of Rick Swain and Brad Kimber respectively, are clearly the driving force behind this song as they lay down a solid foundation for the soothing solos copious amounts of phasing effects from guitarists Reggie Barber and Jason Higson. To top it of Matt Power delivers a raspy vocal performance which teeters the band on the (more…)

Review – High on Fire – De Vermis Mysteriis

There’s some serious convergence, confluence, coincidence, coalescence… connection– hell, conjuration, this week… for one Matt Pike:

First, the announcement of the upcoming reissue of Dopesmoker, and today one De Vermis Mysteriis….

Here’s the review slurry, everything in one paragraph:

“Serums of Laio,” starts things off: bombast, staccato drum hits with riffs down in C and the faintest hint of a melody in the chorus, “Bloody Knuckles,” again with the tribal drums over a palm-muted, Sleep-on-amphetamines riff which becomes a “Dazed and Confused”-esque riff and then back to Mötorhead tunage… “Fertile Green” says fuck you, you’re not tribal enough to all the drums up to this point in its intro, before becoming Discharge-meets-Bad Religion in its furious downbeating riffage… “Madness of an Architect,” now with the tribal riff added to said drums to begin to succinctly suggest the dominant musical themes herein, baby… “Samsara” the Sabbathian instrumental… (more…)

Mares of Thrace, The Pilgrimage

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Mares of Thrace is guitarist/vocalist Thérèse Lanz and drummer Stefani MacKichan. They play largely-improvised alterna-doom metal. The Pilgrimage tends to sound like a combination of Kylesa and Black Cobra.

Lyrically, there’s three acts, with subordinate tunes under them– we open with “Act I: David Glimpses Bathsheba,” and its lurching doom riffs, and there’s three tunes during that act; next we hit “Act II: Bathsheba’s Reply to David,” two more items of tunage, and then “Act III: A Curse Falls on the House of David,” which then finishes out with two more.

They’re pretty patently doom, which means (if you’re new to this site), (more…)

Bandcamp Recommendations 3/8/2012

“Temples is a musical journey to the edges of the world, the dreamworld, the subconscious, life, existence, oblivion, sensitory control, concentration, reflection, enlightenment of the conscious and the realization of self.”

Temples are a heavy psych band with some pretty wicked tripped out tunes.


Micro: Slabdragger, Regress

Slabdragger is a great band name, one;

Two, any band that describes themselves as “blues/ jam band/ metal” is worth at least checking out;

Three, their lyrical themes are classified as “epic journeys, weed, sea monsters…”;

Lastly, all this positive foreshadowing actually pays off: this is cool shit. Doomy, screamed sludge metal. “Bab el-Mandeb” is a great sludge tune, “Erroneous Maximus” rocks a vaguely-funky California stoner riff, “Trichome Oddyssey” is a wildly-heavy Pink Floyd, and “Iron Vulture” is the lost Sabbath tune they wish they wrote.

As near as I can ascertain, they’re a three-piece from London. Hopefully they’ll explode over the next few years. They should.

Slabdragger myspace link ($6!)

Torche Streaming New Songs From “Decibel” Magazine’s Flexi Disc Series

via PRP

Torche‘s forthcoming Flexi Disc release for “Decibel” magazine has arrived online. You can stream both of the bands previously unreleased tracks “Pow Wow” and “80s Prom Song” over at Soundcloud. (more…)